From the sensors of gas contamination in homes decided to withdraw

From the sensors of gas contamination in homes decided to withdraw


Their installation will cost the budget too expensive to be worth up to 230 billion rubles, according to the Ministry of construction

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Officials have refused idea to equip homes with sensors of gas contamination, which could help prevent explosions of household gas. This decision would cost 230 billion rubles, considered in the Ministry of construction, Ministry of energy and Ministry of economic development. Now the government is seeking, including from the point of view of cost, solution to the problem.

The government abandoned the idea to equip an apartment building with sensors of gas concentration, follows from the letter of the head of the Ministry Mikhail men, the Deputy of the state Duma Valery Rashkin, with which acquainted “Izvestia”. The document States that the matter was worked jointly with the Ministry of energy and Ministry of economic development, and was invited to a meeting of representatives of gas distribution companies.

—According to preliminary estimates of experts, the approximate cost of equipment alarm devices gas and breaking devices of gasified apartments range from 137 billion to 230 billion rubles, depending on configuration, which, according to the Ministry of energy, comparable to the size of total investments in gasification of the constituent entities of the Russian Federation, — stated in the letter of Michael to Me.

It also says that the question of how to protect the Russians from explosions of gas, not removed from the agenda and remains “particularly relevant given the increasingly frequent in recent years, cases of such incidents”.

— The government of the Russian Federation will continue to work on developing the most optimal, including from the point of view of cost, options for security of citizens living in gasified apartment buildings, — said Mikhail Men.

Materials on теме3Way of dealing with explosions of household gas found in Moscow a Society ofa gas Explosion occurred in a residential building in the North-East of Moscow SocietyBosch withdrew from Russia almost 30 thousand plates because of the threat of a gas leak Society

At the end of last year the Deputy Valery Rashkin, who addressed a letter to the head of the Ministry, suggested that the government should create an interagency Commission to investigate the systematic explosions of gas in apartment houses. The MP also proposed to equip homes with sensors of gas contamination. The Ministry of construction reported that in cooperation with other agencies working on the issue “about the equipment of premises of apartment houses systems that include sensors of gas contamination, which should be interlocked with the fast-acting shut-off valves on the input gas to the premises and disconnect the gas supply signal gas”. In addition, the Department discussed the proposal to “rescue Windows”, which can be removed from the outside in case of alarm.

The RTN at the end of last year proposed a solution to the problem of explosions of household gas — failure from its use in the apartments.

Head of the Department of real estate management, land use and housing of the Institute of industrial management of Ranepa under the President of the Russian Federation Evgeny bogomolny said that the implementation of the idea will cost more than installing sensors of gas contamination.

— The appliance is not working from 220 and 380 volts, and in many homes it will be necessary to change the wiring. Sensors for a penny also did not deliver — they will work for a penny. Cheap way to solve the problem does not exist, — the expert believes.

Earlier, the head EMERCOM of Russia Vladimir Puchkov reported that in 2016, “there is a trend of increasing the number of explosions associated with poor training and improper operation of the gas facilities”.

— Note the increase in the losses in residential buildings and socially important facilities, — said Vladimir Puchkov at the meeting with the President at the end of last year.

According to Rosstat, in 2015, the Russian gas supply 67% of the housing stock. The law already prohibits the use of gas stoves in the buildings of 11 storeys or more.

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