Full-screen smartphone for 3300 rubles: is this possible?

Full-screen smartphone for 3300 rubles: is this possible?


New year’s gifts have ended, but not for the Chinese manufacturers of smartphones. Popular in the Russian market, the company HOMTOM has released the first in 2018, the smartphone which can rightly be called unique.

And it’s not that HOMTOM S12 has a display with a minimal frame and an aspect ratio of 18:9, and dual rear camera. And the fact that the flagship smartphone with these features will be yours for only 55,99 dollars, which today is equivalent to less than 3300 rubles.

HOMTOM S12 is also equipped with a battery capacity of 2750 mA * h, supplemented by a system of optimization of energy consumption. All this will allow you to achieve full-day battery life of the smartphone, even under heavy load not the CPU.

To buy a new HOMTOM now by visiting the online store of AliExpress. Model HOMTOM S12 is available, this, this and this seller. More detailed information about the characteristics of the device can be found on the official website of the manufacturer.