Gadgets for the week: from iPhone 7 to related “smart” taxi

Gadgets for the week: from iPhone 7 to related “smart” taxi


Review of related iPhone 7, the cheapest 360-degree 4K camera, secret mobile Google, eagles vs drones, nanorisk, secure smartphones for “Gazprom”, the review of the laptop HP Spectre 13 and “the wire” for AirPods. About these and other new products of the week — digest News.Hi-tech.

iPhone 7: answers to 7 major questions

News.Hi-tech has studied the related iPhone 7 in the American media and shared the answers to the main questions about the new Apple that appeared after the launch of devices. That’s what will interest potenially buyers of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus:

1. “Black onyx”: slippery or not, much soiled and scratched? But just “black”?
2. The battery do last longer than iPhone 6s?
3. Camera: as far as noticeable differences compared to the iPhone 6s?
4. Wireless AirPods: how about the sound quality? How many pieces can you lose in a week?
5. Protection from water: really works?
6. Touch button: terrible or not?
7. And most importantly: is there life without an audio Jack?

The answers to these questions, as well as the evaluation of “sevens” in English IT press, you will find in the review of reviews editor of the News.Hi-tech Nicholas Belkin.

Smartphones for Gazprom

The company Samsung has started to supply to “Gazprom” smartphones on their own operating system Tizen. As the President told the South Korean manufacturer sun Jin Pak, “operating system” has a high degree of protection, so Samsung is also counting on interest from Russian government agencies.

Tizen based on Linux kernel of the mobile OS is open source, actively developed and supported by Samsung. The system has already passed the state certification according to the security requirements of the FSTEC of Russia. Apart from Gazprom, secure Tizen smartphones already ordered the Ministry of communications.

“We have already started to put our devices in ‘Gazprom’, and, as far as we know, the Russian government has also praised our phone for safe technology,” said Pak. In his words, Russian government agencies “requires secure devices, and Galaxy on the operating system Tizen is made with a high degree of secrecy.”

The cheapest 360-degree 4K camera

On the website of “national” investment Kickstarter funded VR cheap camera Camorama, which can capture video in 4K resolution with full, 360-degree viewing angle. The owners Camorama can arrange a “live” video broadcast on YouTube and Facebook in panoramic mode.

For a more complete immersion in what is happening, you can use Google cardboard — cardboard VR glasses, and to watch 360-degree videos on an Android smartphone. Camorama has a waterproof casing on the magnets, 4K sensor Sony IMX377 (the maximum resolution is 2880×2880), wide angle lens, Wi-Fi module, microphone and speaker, battery capacity — 1300 mAh.

The maximum duration of one video recorded in 4K quality, 90 minutes. The device weighs about 120 grams. Via USB port you can connect the camera to a Windows computer or “Mac”, but for full editing 4K video on a mobile device, requires iPhone 6S and older.

“The wire” for AirPods

Future owners AirPods, who are afraid of losing wireless headphones Apple company Spigen has offered to buy them a binding lace for $10. The accessory is a conventional “wire”, which holds both the earpiece. No electronics inside.

New you can pre-order in the online store Amazon, and in sale it will arrive on October 17. Sale themselves AirPods, the recall will start in late next month. In the United States “ears” will be sold for $159 in Russia for 12 990 rubles. The kit includes headphones charger case and Lightning to USB cable.

The fear of losing expensive AirPods — perhaps a far-fetched problem, but because manufacturers of accessories try to solve the inconvenience generated by the design decisions of Apple. Another example is the Lightning adapter Audio + Charge RockStar from the company Belikin, which allows you to simultaneously charge your iPhone 7 and listen to music. Splitter will be sold for $40.

Overview: the HP Spectre 13

These alternatives to thin and light laptops from computer manufacturers with the Windows disappointingly small. That is, ultrabook clones in silver-colored aluminum and confusingly similar design just weight. But really the original model, not copying, but trying to surpass, can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

One such alternative is the HP Spectre, which combines design, anodised grey-brown aluminium case and black carbon fiber bottom cover copper-shiny elements. It korasi include ultra-thin and very light case for 13.3-inch model, comfortable keyboard, high for its class performance and also a 3 port USB 3.1, 2 of which support Thunderbolt.

The laptop is great, looks unique, so some buyers are not accustomed to deny yourself anything, and certainly today will not deter a solid price in Russia. The disadvantages Spectre 13 bit: version tested with Core i7 only provides about 5 hours of battery life, and touchpad there is much to improve (and increase). What else can please a new HP rather than disappoint, you will be able to learn from our review.

Eagles vs drones

Law enforcement agencies in the Netherlands started to use eagles to catch an unidentified UAV. Not so long ago was completed 7-month training program of birds of prey, and now the police began to draw them to the service.

How the eagles cope with the responsibilities shown in the demo video. Bird shot down the drone and knocked him to the ground, responded to the threat faster than intelligence. As expected, the service animal will be resorted to only in emergency situations when the use of other drone-perehvatchik may pose a threat to human life.

A specially trained bird is perhaps the quickest and most effective way to incapacitate a potentially dangerous drones. Predator has powerful legs and large curved claws that can grab and hold in the air any heavy object, be it another animal or a mechanical drone.

Google Pixel on all sides

The website Android Authority has shared new details regarding the “reference” Android-smartphone Sailfish, scheduled for release this year. This time the network has placed 360-degree videos with your smartphone model, created at the disposal of the blogger Evan Blass (@OnLeaks) 3D digital drawings. It allows us to consider the new created by Google with the participation of HTC, on all sides.

The images confirm that the device will get a port the USB Type-C instead of the expected microUSB, as well as two stereo speakers on the lower edge. The dimensions of the device will be 143,8 x 69.5 x 7.3 mm at the thinnest (bottom) and 8.5 mm at the thickest point (top). Contrary to rumors, unlike Apple and LeEco, Google is not abandoning the 3.5 mm audio port connector located in the upper left corner of the case.

In addition, the smartphone is tipped Pixel screen 5.2–5.3 inches, processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 (or 821), 4 gigabytes of RAM and 32 GB internal, 12 MP primary and 8 MP selfie camera. The expected amount of battery — 2770 mA*h the Device will run on Android 7.0 (Nougat) out of the box.

Nanotube save you from diseases

Experts from the Harbin Polytechnic University and the University of California San Diego created the microrobot, shaped like a fish. The device is able to transport drugs in any part of the human body, moving through the blood vessels under the action of external magnetic field.

But nanorimo this, as they say, is not simple, and gold – in all senses. First, it really fulfills the desire of the doctor, which can control its speed and trajectory, changing the strength and direction of the magnetic field.

Secondly, fish do consists of gold. Though not entirely: the “head” and “tail” made of gold, the “body” of Nickel, and connect all parts together the joints of the silver particles. The length of each segment “of nanorisk” is 800 nm, and the size of the fish a hundred times smaller than a grain of sand.

The first unmanned taxi

The online service of a call taxi service Uber has launched in downtown Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) a pilot project that allows customers to get to their destination on self-driving car. On the streets of the city was four”, robotaxi” — Volvo XC90 SUV, equipped with an autopilot system and ground sensors.

Cars drive on their own, but the front seats sit two people, ready in emergency to take control. Downstairs, next to the selector gear box unit, provided the red button which immediately disables the function of “artificial intelligence”.

By the observation of a reporter for Reuters, for the hour trip car-the drone moved smoothly, without jerks. Obeying traffic signals and rules of the road, the car is Uber moved across the bridges and rode the mail truck, and on a busy street — she slowed down, all without human intervention.

However, the journalist noted, the driver and engineer in the front seat, “has interfered in the running every few miles.” However, despite redundant safety net, Uber became the first company in the world that has made self-driving car available to the General public.

Material prepared by Oleg Ilyukhin, with the participation of Nicholas Belkin