Gadgets for the week: from PC-monoblock Microsoft to new MacBook Pro

Gadgets for the week: from PC-monoblock Microsoft to new MacBook Pro


Frameless smartphone and a clone of the Galaxy Note 7 from Xiaomi, the world’s first desktop computer Microsoft, a retina Thunderbolt displays, Apple’s new MacBook Pro, “smart” white Board Jamboard 4K screen, the start of sales of the Xbox One’s in Russia and an overview of the smart watch Apple Watch Nike+. About these and other exciting innovations of science and technology — the selection of News.Hi-tech.

New MacBook Pro

Apple press conference in Cupertino introduced the major four-year update of the MacBook Pro. The new “MacBook” as expected, got the OLED panel, called the Touch Bar, which is a substitute for the top row of function keys, including Esc.

On the accessory Retina screen with multi-touch can display icons for quick access to certain functions, programs and tools. In applications, the icons will correspond to the active application. In the Safari browser on the touch strip can be displayed in the address bar, search and bookmarks in the “Photo” button to rotate, lighting and filters, Messages, emoticons, etc. in addition, the touch strip was integrated fingerprint scanner Touch ID, which meets the new Apple chip T1.

“Slimmest and lightest” laptop Apple will be released in two versions: with a screen of 13 and 15 inches (silver color, and “gray space”). Area Force Touch trackpad that responds to the power of touch, has doubled. And the keyboard with the mechanism design of the “butterfly” 2nd generation provides a more responsive, smooth running operation.

The price for 13″ MacBook Pro (2-core Core i5 2.9 GHz, Iris Graphics 550, 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD) will start from $ 1,799 on the option screen 15″ (4-core Core i7 2.6 GHz, Radeon Pro 450, 16 GB of RAM, SSD 256 GB), $2399.

Super fine Thunderbolt monitors

Specifically to work in conjunction with the “makbuki” LG has developed the new monitors. Displays 4K and 5K are connected to the laptops one Thunderbolt cable 3, which not only transfers data, but also charges the computer. LG UltraFine 5K Display 27-inch screen with a resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels resolution, support color spaces P3 (25% more colors than standard RGB palette) and the price of $ 1,300.

On the rear panel of the display are three additional USB port. in addition, the device has built-in stereo speakers, and a camera and microphone for video calling. The monitor can only work on the Thunderbolt Protocol 3. 4K monitor UltraFine Display with a diagonal of 21.5 inches, a resolution of 4096 by 2304 pixels and support for P3 is almost twice cheaper than the $ 700. It can also connect to the new “macbooka” Thunderbolt cable and 3 has three similar ports on the rear panel for connecting peripherals.

Without needing to connect it to Thunderbolt 3 Protocol, the monitor can work with any device that supports image output through the USB port-C. 4K version already available in the Apple store, shipping will start in 5-6 weeks. LG UltraFine 5K Display order is impossible, but Apple have promised that it will go on sale in December.

Glasses “all in one”

On kraudfandingovom platform Kickstarter has launched a project Vue, acting as the headphone, Bluetooth microphone for receiving phone calls and regular prescription glasses. The gadget transmits sound based on the technology bone conduction when sound waves are directed at the bones of the skull directly into the inner ear.

When the glasses are connected to an iOS or Android app, users stroking of the shackle, can scroll through tracks and accept incoming calls, send fitness statistics to your smartphone and to locate the device in case it is lost. Wireless charging allows you to charge the Vue “on the air” while in a special case. Volume the battery will last for a week, the developers promise.

Glasses made of plastic, and they will be available only in one size, which may not all be suitable. Pre-order the Vue is available for $159 (retail price will increase to $179 including prescription lenses). The beginning of deliveries is expected in July next year.

Corporate tablet features a 55-inch 4K-screen

The developers of online office Suite G Suite (formerly Google Apps) introduced “smart” white Board Jamboard for business usersthat will allow them to discuss ideas, conduct presentations and meetings. Drawings and notes made on a 55-inch 4K screen are automatically saved in the “Google Drive”, making them accessible from any other devices and applications.

Also Jamboard fit to work together in real-time. Stand allows you to arrange video conferencing via Hangouts, and employees working remotely using Android and iOS apps unable to participate equally in the discussions as if they were there.

Jamboard is equipped with a webcam, speakers, HDMI and USB ports, volume keys and a tray for passive (they do not need to charge) stylus and eraser. The Board screen can recognize up to 16 simultaneous touches and allows you to draw a line with thickness up to 1 millimeter. Jamboard will cost “no more than” $6 thousand. G Suite users will be able to buy a novelty in the first half of 2017.

Overview: the smartphone Meizu MX6

This smartphone in a sleek metal case got pretty powerful 10-core processor and a high-quality photo module with phase focusing. News.Hi-tech has checked to see what, besides the price, top MX6 has been modest flagship Chinese company, Pro 6.

Having flagship looks, smart phone, MX6, made in all-metal casing, can also boast a powerful processor, bright screen, high-quality main camera, a useful option 3G/4G at work two SIM-cards, support fast charging and a fingerprint scanner.

Among the shortcomings is to emphasize the inability to expand the internal memory cards of microSD and small battery life when watching videos. Smartphone MX6 does not have advanced musical ability, and, besides, he does not have a flagship innovation like 3D technology Press. But all confiscated “excess”, of course, had a positive impact on the price tag of the device. If, at the time of testing, for Pro 6 memory 32GB asked 32 990 rubles, for MX6 – only 27 990 rubles.

Navdy projects apps onto the windshield

Startup Navdy, which is collected by crowd-funding $2.5 million in 2014 to implement the idea, car HUD projector display, and later raised $26 million in venture capital, began deliveries of the device. Order novelty for 799 dollars.

Navdy displays on the windshield of the vehicle various information (current speed, trip route, incoming call or SMS), which hovers before the eyes of the driver. The device is connected to the onboard computer and syncs with a smartphone via Bluetooth.

In fact, the Navdy is a small projector based on Android, which displays a transparent, 5.1-inch picture in front of the eyes. Its peculiarity is the presence of an infrared camera and microphone. So, users can operate the smartphone through gestures and voice commands (for example, to wave with your left hand on the steering wheel to accept an incoming call) without removing it from pocket or bag.

Aeromobili Uber

Service for online taxi Uber has announced plans to create a Park flying cars to transport passengers by air. The cars are entirely powered by electricity, will be able to take off and land vertically. New service — Elevate — will be introduced in ten years.

On the “air taxi”, can reach speeds of 240 km/h can be reached from San Francisco to Silicon valley less than 15 minutes. The cars will be able to drive on city roads like a normal car, and turning the screws (if necessary, for example, to circumnavigate the tube or take a short cut directly) to help them at any moment to rise into the air.

While air taxis do not need razgonova band and they can take off and land vertically like a quadcopter. Uber itself has no plans to produce the cars. The company, for example, can unite with NASA, which in 2015 for the first time has tested a hybrid 10-motor drone GL-10 Greased Lightning with rotary wing. Another potential partner, California startup Joby Aviation, which intends to launch a double VTOL taxis with 12 motors for five years.

Innovative tablets Yoga Book came to Russia

Lenovo introduced in Russia tablet 2-in-1 Yoga Book in two versions – with operating system Android 6.0 and Windows 10. The design of the Lenovo Yoga Book allows you to rotate the screen 360 degrees and to work in modes “laptop”, “tablet”, “presentation” and “console”.

Multi-mode input panel, a monotone black with stylus pen Real Pen, with led backlighting becomes the keyboard features tactile response, teaching writing style of the owner and predictive text input. Stylus can recognize up to 2048 levels pen pressure and allows tilt up to 100 degrees.

In addition, Real Pen can be used and rods with conventional ink. Taking notes or drawings on the sheet of paper on top of the touch screen, the user simultaneously receives the digitized information, which in parallel is displayed on the screen of the device.

The tablet is equipped with 10.1-inch IPS-screen with Full HD resolution (1920×1200 pixels) Intel Atom x5-Z8550. Graphics – Intel HD Graphics 400. The RAM is 4 GB, internal storage of 64 GB, supported memory cards microSD up to 128 GB. Cost Lenovo Yoga Book is 44 990 rubles for the version with Android and 49 990 for the version with Windows 10 – the price is higher because of the cost of the license.

The first computer Microsoft

Microsoft at the presentation in new York announced the first desktop computer of its own production — Sufrace Studioshowed a new laptop-transformer Book i7 Sufrace and wireless virtual reality helmets, and also shared details about the next major update of Windows 10.

Studio Surface is the first PC from the Creator of the Windows, aimed at experts in the field of graphics designers, illustrators and other creative professionals. Monoblock is equipped with 28-inch touchscreen (13.5 million pixels, an aspect ratio of 3:2), ultra slim case and a built-in hinge that lets you position the camera both in horizontal and vertical position, and use it as a giant tablet.

Competitor “aimag” with 5K-screen supports input using a stylus Surface Pen and a new accessory — Surface Dial. “Puck”, for example, can be used to quickly scroll canvas zoom and select a color from the digital palette.

Inside the computer all-in-one — Intel Core i5 or i7 processor, Nvidia GTX 980, 32 GB of RAM and drive size to 2 TB. The set of ports is pretty meager: Mini DisplayPort, four USB 3.0, an Ethernet Jack and a slot for SD cards. The power supply is built into the PC base. Pricing for Surface Studio start at $2999. The novelty has already available for pre-order. The beginning of deliveries expected in December.

Traffic cameras will monitor the texting behind the wheel

Company Movidius, which was recently acquired by Intel, has signed a contract for the supply of “seeing” in 3D processors for the company Hikvision , one of the largest manufacturers of “smart” security cameras connected to the Internet. The innovative chips — Myriad — will allow the surveillance systems to determine whether the driver uses the phone while driving, or raise the alarm when suspicious passengers leave Luggage unattended at the airport.

She Movidius calls his product a “block processing vision” (VPU), as Myriad does most of the processing and image analysis on the device itself, thus reducing the amount of information transmitted to the Central server or human operator to a minimum. So, equipped with Myriad “smart” camera, finding a potential threat, instead of a continuous video stream will be able to send multiple short fragments, which will be enough to identify the problem.

In addition, the VPU will allow law enforcement agencies to actively attract “smart” cameras to investigative activities. If, for example, the license plate on the stolen car removed, or is unreadable, Myriad will be able to identify it on a number of other characteristics (dented bumper, color, shape, etc.).

Review: Apple watch Nike+

In Russia, on 28 October, will start selling the new Apple gadget — the smart Watch Nike+, created in collaboration with the manufacturer of sports shoes and clothing Nike. News.Hi-tech had the opportunity beforehand to examine the novelty and willing to share your experiences.

The main functional chip Watch Nike+ is the ability to quickly, directly from the dial screen and without entering any additional parameters or commands to start the run in the Nike+ Run Club. In General, the Nike+ Run Club, which in the version for hours that a full-fledged smartphone version, it is impossible not to praise — everything is made simple and clear. The interface and functionality was developed with a focus on two main objectives: to motivate the user to start a run, then to accurately measure its parameters and display them as simply and informative.

Excluding special straps, dials and preset ON Nike Watch Nike+ is the normal Apple watch the second generation in the aluminum housing. Prefer a novelty in the original design of a regular Watch Series 2 is worth it if you are going for Jogging regularly and need a simple and convenient tool for planning and monitoring training, as well as an additional source of motivation. Well, if someone is partial to Nike brand, the Apple Watch’s branding, too, will surely enjoy.

Xbox One’s: start of sales in Russia

Microsoft has announced the launch of sales of new gaming console Xbox One S in Russia. The novelty in the Russian online store and in retail that sells electronics at a price of 26 990 rubles for the version with a hard disk on 500 GB.

The new model with the letter S (Slim thin) in white casing is 40% more compact than its predecessor, while it can play content in 4K resolution and HDR (increased dynamic range). HDR image will be displayed in capable games.

The device will occupy less space in the room and by the fact that the PSU is now located within the housing, not outside it, like the consoles of the first generation. USB port moved to the front of the console for easy access.

The appearance in the sale of Xbox One S also means that the console of the previous generation will begin to sell at a more affordable price. So, from October 28 to Xbox One with a 500-Gigabyte hard drive can be bought for 19 990 rubles, and the terabyte version for 23 990. Discount from the previous price in both cases is 5000 rubles.

Clone Galaxy Note 7

Chinese Xiaomi announced on Tuesday, two flagship news. One is clearly designed as a budget alternative to the ill-fated Samsung Galaxy Note7, while the second boasts a frameless display, ceramic body and design from the famous Philippe Starck.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2 is a large smartphone with a 5.7-inch OLED screen, curved on both sides at the edges, like the latest flagship devices of Samsung. However, the display is inferior in resolution to the smartphones of the Korean manufacturer is standard FullHD and not QuadHD. But the filling is quite on flagship: Snapdragon 821 (4 cores, 2,35 GHz), 4 or 6 GB of RAM and drive 64 or 128 GB.

Complete the picture of a battery with a capacity of 4070 mAh with fast charging (Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0), the main 22,5-megapixel front and 8-megapixel camera, NFC chip, support 24-bit “high-resolution audio” and the ability to work in all types of cellular networks LTE, including Russian. The basic version of the phablet (4/64 GB) will cost China at 2799 yuan (about $ 413), flagship (6/128 GB) — in the 3299 yuan ($487), and the flagship “global”, with universal support cell frequencies in 3499 yuan ($516).

The second innovation, much more interesting from the point of view of design, the Xiaomi is called the concept. However, unlike conventional automotive concept cars, the machine Mi Mix not only works, but also got the price and date of start of sales in the Chinese market. Its main feature — the design, virtually eliminating frame on three sides of the screen. The appearance of smartphone was designed by the renowned designer Philippe Starck. The top model, complemented by accents of gold around the camera and the fingerprint scanner on the back panel, will cost 3999 yuan (590 dollars).

The first driverless truck transportation Uber

Self-propelled tractor transport company Otto, owned by Uber, made the first-ever commercial cargo transportation, transporting 50 thousand bottles of Budweiser beer from the Fort Collins (Colorado, USA) to Colorado springs. However, part of the way a “smart” truck broke, not yourself.

Moving with a speed of about 90 km/h, the drone Otto crossed the highway about 190 kilometres, keeping a safe distance to the vehicle ahead and if necessary rearranging. However, on city streets, busy intersections and other areas with unpredictable traffic control took person-the driver. However, this transfer is considered the world’s first commercial flight made an unmanned vehicle.

Currently, the technology is being tested on VNL 780 — Volvo three-axle tractors. However, in the future the startup hopes to work with only large trucks the so-called 8th grade. Treat him truck tractors with trailers — very large and heavy (about 15 tons) in the United States.

Material prepared by Oleg Ilyukhin, with the participation of Nicholas Belkin and Andrey Borzenko