Gadgets for the week: from the “Russian iPhone” to robodance

Gadgets for the week: from the “Russian iPhone” to robodance


Terabyte SD card, the latest phone of Microsoft, the new model of frameless notebook Dell, robosonic, foldable drone GoPro, the modular digital camera the Hasselblad, samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers Nike and “Russian iPhone” for $130. On these and other technology updates — weekly digest of News.Hi-tech.

Latest mobile phone Microsoft

Company surprise of many, Microsoft has introduced a new phone under the Nokia brand. 216-I model represents the usual “dialer” in the classic form factor of candy bar with a button keyboard. It works on the operating system Series 30+, and the battery capacity (1020 mAh) in standby mode will last for almost a month.

The design of the device — a tribute to classic Nokia early 2000s. it is equipped with LCD 2.4 inch (240×320), microSD slot (up to 32GB), 16 megabytes of RAM, a 0.3-megapixel main and front VGA-camera. Weight is 82.6 grams.

In India Nokia 216 can be purchased for $38. The sales will start on October 24. Also the device will be available in versions with two SIM cards (Dual Sim). Most likely, 216-l model is the latest “dialer”, which released Microsoft. Earlier this year, the company sold the business a “stupid” mobile phones released under the Nokia brand.

“Russian iPhone”

The holding company Ruselectronics, which is part of state Corporation rostec, is leading the development of the Russian analogue of the iPhone. As announced on a press-conferences the General Director of holding Igor Kozlov, domestic alternative to the Apple smartphone will be on store shelves in 2018.

According to him, the device design “Roselektronika” will be comparable in quality to the “iPhone”, but considerably inferior to the American counterpart in value. “In 2018 we will be his ‘Patriotic iPhone’, which will cost on the shelves for about $130,” said Kozlov.

Now Ruselectronics is in the process of restructuring. As expected, the changes will allow state-owned companies to increase volumes of production of civil products below by 2025, it accounted for 40% of revenues (currently 15%, the remaining 85% comes from military products).

Samozashnurovyvayuschihsya sneakers Nike

Nike announced the date of sales of “smart” running shoes, equipped with system of automatic lacing. As reported by PR-Director of Heidi Burgett, in the USA production model HyperAdapt 1.0 can be bought on November 28.

It will be sold only in “some” salons Nike. In this way, customers who want to try smart footwear, will have to pre-fill out an online application. As expected, the price of new items will be announced in the coming weeks.

At 1.0 HyperAdapt laces tied by themselves as soon as the pressure sensors will feel the heel. Wearing “shoes of the future”, the user can adjust the tightening force, pressing the two buttons on the side. The new model will be available in three colors.

Unmanned boats will clean the canals of Amsterdam

The canal system of Amsterdam is one of the oldest in Europe. Today the Dutch capital permeates more than one hundred kilometers of canals, built in the XVII century, scientists have proposed to solve some of their problems through robotics.

The new project is called Roboat, worked together engineers from the Institute of advanced solutions city of Amsterdam, Massachusetts Institute of technology, Technological University of Delft and University of Wageningen. Scientists have promised to launch an unmanned surface ships and submarines in the channel in 2017.

It is planned that underwater robots will remove floating debris and clean the bottom from discarded bicycles. The latter, incidentally, are many: according to statistics, every year in the canals of Amsterdam gets about 12 thousand bikes. Now to clear the bottom use special boats with a low draft that have the buckets the handles, but they do not guarantee complete cleaning of the bottom, besides the process takes quite a long time.

The modular digital camera the Hasselblad

The Swedish manufacturer of photographic equipment Hasselblad to own the 75th anniversary came up with the concept of a modular camera V1D. Camera medium format, the design of which was inspired by the classic V-series will be equipped with a 75-megapixel sensor with a square aspect ratio.

Hallmark V1D is the ability to connect to the apparatus interchangeable blocks-modules that extend its functions. Without them, the camera is a simple “black box” with basic controls and the handle. The device Hasselblad, for example, can be complemented by screen, viewfinder, wireless module or an additional battery.

If the company plans to release an experimental camera on the market, not specified. The cost of X1D, is also unknown.

SD card on terabytes


SanDisk — brand Western Digital showed a prototype of a SDXC highest capacity: 1 terabyte. The novelty was presented in the framework of the international exhibition photo and video industry Photokina 2016 in Cologne.

Terabyte SD card-SanDisk groundwork for the future. It can be used to store content in the highest resolution in two or three years, when 4K and 8K, the technology of virtual reality and 360 video will become standard. Professional cameramen and photographers who need to record the content in the best possible quality right now, not being distracted by the replacement of the SD card will be able to benefit from the development of SanDisk soon.

However, as shown on exhibit SD-card 1 TB — so far, the prototype. The release date of the finished product. as well as the price for Western Digital did not mention.

Folding drone GoPro

Manufacturer of action cameras for surfers, divers, skiers and extreme sports GoPro introduced its first drone. Foldable quadcopter Karma has a top speed of 56 km/h, rises to a height of up to 4.5 km and comes in a compact case that fits in your backpack.

A distinctive feature of novelty — the ability to replace defective parts, including blades and a three-axis stabilizer. Karma release is scheduled for October 23. In the USA the novelty will be sold for $799, complete with a new action camera Hero5 Black — $1099. It’s $100 cheaper 4 from DJI Phantom, equipped with sensors that avoid collisions (from drone GoPro are none), but $100 more expensive than the Phantom 3 Professional drone the latest generation made by the same Chinese company.

In addition to Karma, GoPro announced two new cameras: Hero Hero 5 Black and 5 Session equipped with a water-resistant housing (can be submerged up to 10 meters), as well as support for voice commands. New ($399) has a 2-inch touchscreen, GPS module, auto-stabilization, the ability to shoot video in 4K resolution and 12-megapixel still photos and also record stereo sound thanks to the three microphones.

Robot puppy

American Ghost Robotics company introduced a new product. Their new robot Minitaur (Minitaur), with a length of about 40 centimeters, reminiscent of the behavior of the puppy or fairy tale humpbacked horse, but most of all he is perhaps similar to the Indicator – color box with legs from the cartoon “Mystery of the third planet”.

The main features of the development of steel engines with high torque and legs of special design, which allow Minotauro to reach speeds in excess of 7 kilometers per hour and overcome a variety of obstacles, such as stairs or a four-foot fence, which is not under the power of existing commercial wheeled and tracked robots.

Managing computer Minitaur can be set to one of the variants of gait. For example, the robot can walk, gallop, run, trot and jump on all four legs, as do some species of gazelles. It is worth noting that the company is from Philadelphia while not positioning your robot as a mechanical pet. The project authors believe that their development can serve a more important search-and-rescue, military and other purposes, in particular where the need for accurate reconnaissance.

The best laptop Dell new model

Dell showed a new version of the XPS 13, has earned the title of one of the best ultrabooks 2015. Sample model 2016, which is famous for the unique combination of the housing 11-inch laptop and a frameless 13-inch display, is equipped with modern Intel 7th generation HD graphics 620.

Kaby Lake processors and integrated graphics make the XPS 13 suitable for playing games and watching 4K video. There was also increased battery capacity: 56 to 60 watt-hours. Other changes include a faster wireless Wi-Fi adapter Killer 1535 and higher speed RAM module 16 GB (LPDDR3-2133 vs LPDDR3-1866). In addition, an ultrabook available in new colors — “rose gold”.

In the rest of the new XPS 13 is almost identical to last year’s model. The device attracts the attention of an incredibly thin frame (5.2 mm) surrounding the 13.3-inch screen — it seems that it is not at all. The laptop casing is made of aluminum which has been subjected to machining, and carbon fiber, which helped the XPS 13 to keep modest weight (1,17—of 1.27 kilograms, depending on configuration and the availability of the touch screen).

U.S. sales will begin on 4 October. XPS 13 2016 in the base set will cost $799, in the color “rose gold” — from $1499.