Game review Uncharted 4: what not to miss

Game review Uncharted 4: what not to miss


And the first part of Uncharted was criticized for misplaced mysticism, and the third for inappropriate drama to see both (and mystery and drama in abundance filled The Last Of Us) in Uncharted 4 as something no longer wanted.

And then there’s the name is chosen: a Thief’s End, literally — “the end of the thief” (official Russian translation of “the way of the thief”), and announced that Uncharted 4 will be the last game of the series. In General, it is not surprising that many have been waiting for a bloody and dramatic death of the protagonist and all the main characters immediately.

But it turned out quite the opposite. And not in the spirit of The Last Of Us — and it is very good. Uncharted 4 has retained all that was good in the series, while from it cut that hurt the mystique, and added what was missing: more freedom and mission control of the jeep.

The plot

Uncharted is one of those games where the story plays an important role. The level of entertainment of any part of Uncharted ahead of all the so-called “interactive movies” like Heavy Rain, and it has elements of the “real” game, that is, full gameplay — where the action hero is fully subject to us. We run, jump, shoot, solve puzzles, well, periodically we are shown the cut scenes.


How do you like the realism of the interior? But it’s not a cut-scene, and live gameplay!

It is important to note the high level, in fact, setting — cut scenes do not strain, their duration and location in the plot in tune with the game and allow you to enjoy the gameplay and watching cut-scenes as a single process, which is impossible without some one part of it.


Facial animation is beyond praise

So. In the fourth part we got a new ally, Sam Drake, older brother of Nathan Drake. Nathan believed that he was killed during his escape from prison (we’ll see in one of the first chapters of the story) — and that is why we informed about Sam heard nothing. The explanation is splendid — it is clear that to develop 4th part of no Sam in the “Canon” (as it is now fashionable to call it that) was not, however, the writers very wisely enter Sam in the story, showing us, in particular, and footage from the brothers ‘ childhood. We will again be able to play as a little of Nathan Drake (here he is even younger than in the flashback of the 3rd part), and at the same time will see, when in fact he took the surname of Drake.



Brothers Sam and Nathan: in childhood and in adulthood

Sam and Nathan are together to search for treasures in the famous feast of Henry Avery and abandoned Libertalia — mythical pirate colony, built kind of like on the ideas of freedom and equality. Of course, Libertalia they find, and figure out that there is not all so rosy — and even here, there is a feeling that the game authors decided to turn to political satire.

Also quite expectedly, the game has a lot of references to previous installments. This also applies to the discussion of the characters previous adventures of Drake, and some similar situations, and even (in a couple of places) — similar locations.


The last Uncharted 2 will recognize this silhouette

But the most interesting reference to the past that we found is the ability to play one level from the old platformer Crash Bandicoot.


Crash Bandicoot to Uncharted 4

This game Studio Naughty Dog developed for the PlayStation, making the crash Bandicoot official mascot of the console.


The first Uncharted was created primarily as a shooter, and an adventure. So she starts firing. All subsequent parts — this is first adventure, and then everything else, so in the 4th part of the shoot will give us not immediately, although the action begins with the first frame.

Traditionally, Uncharted, the gameplay alternates from gunfights, acrobatics and solving relatively simple puzzles. From all this diversity the most difficult are still shooting, however, by the end of the game. Even on average difficulty will have to sweat and we repeatedly returned to the check-points because of the death of the hero.

The enemies gradually become stronger due to armor, but to stay in the same shelter and shoot all not even hope — quickly surround and nashpiguyut lead. However, the stealth got in Uncharted 4 further development — it is now possible to hide, for instance, in the grass, and the enemies after a long absence of eye contact with the hero, able to “calm down”. They even head over there are special badges indicating their level of “concern”.




Some of the gunfights can be completely avoided through stealth

But perhaps the most interesting is the levels of driving a jeep. There will be a few and they are all quite large — it seems that you can go literally wherever you want. This is especially impressive when the heroes find themselves in Madagascar (actually, the very first level with the jeep).


To ride on the jeep will be enough

But it is not only large expanses of locations, and in physics the movement of the machine. In the previous parts although we don’t steer a jeep, even without this it was noticeable that the cars drive like cardboard boxes on rails in any dash. Here everything is for real, well almost. It pulls on the arcade race.


Dirt effects in the best traditions of Motorstorm

In addition to the jeep drive still on the boat — also with a feeling of complete freedom, like in any GTA.


Sail wherever you want. Almost

But other means of transportation, as well as analog level with the train from Uncharted 2, here. Is that from the chase with jumping from truck to truck to get out will not succeed.


Traditional (with 2nd part) for Uncharted the pursuit of the convoy, we acquired additional properties

We also added various elements of acrobatics. Now the hero has a hook-cat, which can cling to the bars (you get them with nothing to confuse — it’s just like Far Cry was dragged).


Throughout the game caring the pirates have placed such units

Plus, the important element is sliding on an inclined surface — perhaps even overdone.


To get above need some time to slide down. Perhaps, this is clearly overkill

Slip too much even where it shouldn’t be.


Have subsided resentment from mismatch of the first demo game (with multiplayer) the very first trailer where Drake gets up from the puddle, picks up the gun and goes into the jungle. Yes, he was incredibly detailed and realistic. All subsequent trailers were already other.


That’s the way the game looks that showed in the first trailer. Even the jungle is not there

Indeed, the first trailer was pure fantasy, something like (from the point of view of the plot) in the game we will see, but not literally, and the picture will be different. But all the other trailers — this is live footage — that is, what we will see in the game, the engine of the game. Prerendering CGI clips here.


Grass and all vegetation looks and behaves very realistic

Anyway, graphically, Uncharted 4 is amazing. It is definitely one of the most beautiful video games ever created. I especially want to note not only the level of graphics, but the level of detail — the developers, as before, enriched each location are many minute details, objects, some labels and so on. Given that levels in comparison with previous installments, has grown “horizontally”, even it’s a shame that about 90% of the content most players will never see — just come on by.


And under water will have to swim

Moreover, the run levels are now a variety of ways, not just one narrow corridor, as it was before.

Technically, the game runs in Full HD resolution with anti-aliasing, frame rate — 30 FPS (in single player). To 60-and not reached — Yes, maybe it’s best for most movies. Importantly, the smoothness of the game definitely doesn’t suffer and no sagging FPS for all 14 and a half hours of gameplay we didn’t notice. However, the shadows sometimes have a pretty low detail, but we already carp.


The Uncharted series is amazing. Not so many game franchises as exclusives for a particular platform, become part of global pop culture. We can recall games about Mario and Zelda (Nintendo exclusives), but they take ground — and Uncharted-s, after all, only 4 (version for PS Vita do not believe). And they are only on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. Even the popularity of the Halo can be explained by several parts of the port from Xbox to PC.

Of course, Uncharted 4 is the game for which it is not only possible, but even necessary to buy a PlayStation 4. Or, at least, to have someone to play with for a while. The period of “acceleration”, when PlayStation 4, there were almost no games had ended — after the successful Ratchet&Clank Sony delights us with an unconditional hit, Uncharted 4 (but there is still No Man’s Sky!). Many publications have already dubbed it the “game of the year”, we such statements will wait until — there is hope in the fall to see a new TES. However, miss Uncharted 4 is just impossible.