Game review Wipeout Omega Collection

Game review Wipeout Omega Collection


Back in 1996 when my parents gave me the console Sony PlayStation, that Wipeout was one of the first games, forever settled in my heart. Bright and incredibly fast race on anti-gravity race cars to the music popular in those years, the electronic bands of the Orbital, The Chemical Brothers and Leftfield unconditionally fall in love with. The game became a hallmark of the PlayStation marked the beginning of a franchise. Imagine the disappointment fans of the series, in 2012, when Sony decided to close Studio-developer of the Wipeout. But enough about sad, because in the beginning of this month, went on sale exclusively for the PlayStation 4 remaster collection of Wipeout Omega Collection, which includes three games of this wonderful series.

Psygnosis Liverpool Studio, marked the beginning of the series Wipeout, was founded in 1984. During its existence as a developer and publisher, she gave us such great games like Obliterator, Shadow of the Beast, Ecstatica, Lemmings and hundreds of others. In 1993, two years before the start of sales of the console Sony PlayStation, the Studio was acquired by Sony. To promote their consoles in the Western market, the Japanese decided to invest in establishing a powerful starting line, which bought up studios left and right. Psygnosis, receiving hitherto unprecedented resources, quickly increased its production capacity and has begun to develop several new games, including G-Police, Colony Wars and, of course, Wipeout. The company’s success in those years was so great that about 40% of all video games sold in Europe was a Psygnosis game.

The Studio continued to rapidly expand, and opened additional offices in several UK cities, as well as in Germany, France and the United States. Initially Sony wasn’t trying to completely subjugate Psygnosis, so the Studio from time to time surreptitiously released games for other platforms, including Sega Saturn, and even the Nintendo 64. This led to the inevitable conflict of interests, in which a British Studio, it was decided to sell. Fortunately, in the end it is not sold, but instead in 2000 several units were reformed into other studios, Psygnosis leaving only the head office in Liverpool. The resulting Studio was named SCE Studio Liverpool.

Until 2012, SCE Studio Liverpool was working on the new games within only two series – Wipeout and Formula One. 22 Aug 2012 guide Sony made an official statement saying that the Studio is closed due to major reforms in its domestic Japanese company. Along with the Studio was terminated and work on two large-scale projects for the PS4, including the brand new Wipeout. Apparently, something has gone very wrong. Many employees of SCE Studio Liverpool is distributed to other internal divisions of Sony Interactive Entertainment, and some decided to abandon the translation and to pursue solo activities. For example, employees of the newly formed Studio, R8 Games are trying to make your own Wipeout with Blek-Jack and anti-gravity race cars called Formula Fusion (play on words from the titles of Formula One and Wipeout Fusion, on which these guys once worked).

Anyway, old games of the series none the less love did not and is not going to forget. Sony has decided to refresh outdated procedures in technical terms, hits, releasing a collection of Wipeout Omega Collection for the PlayStation 4. The collection includes three games: Wipeout HD (remaster games for PS3 2008), Wipeout HD Fury (expansion for the previous game and includes many new tracks, cars and game modes) and Wipeout 2048 (remaster PlayStation Vita games of 2012 – the latest game released by SCE Studio Liverpool). For the development of the compendium just three Studio: British Clever Beans, Swedish EPOS Game Studios, as well as internal Studio Sony XDev.

What is so good collection Omega Collection for fans of the series Wipeout? First, thanks to development of technology, for the first time we can enjoy your favorite games in full 4K resolution with a frame rate of 60 fps and in the color range of HDR. Of course, if you have any modern TV and game PlayStation 4 console Pro. Framerate, we should give the guys from Clever Beans, really stable and allows you to race through a bright futuristic tracks at tremendous speeds, without being distracted by technical flaws. Significantly improved lighting and post-processing effects image, thanks to what is happening on the screen visual feast begins to play with absolutely new colors. Sometimes there was a feeling that I have a brand new games, not remaster those that I have rode to the holes.

The game never had a proper plot, although something about him we do know. The action takes place in the future, when the incredible popularity of anti-gravity racing League F3600. Their aesthetics game series Wipeout reminiscent of Mario Kart “on acid”. The design of the first games worked artists British Studio The Designers Republic. They have created a truly unique, flamboyant style and memorable image of the future world, where the race track is made of steel and glass, and hung around with neon signs because of the huge speed merge into a spectacular light lines. Spectacle for its time it was extremely unusual and even “acid”. Then the raves in the UK was at the peak of its popularity, which explains a similar approach to the development design. Not surprisingly, subsequently, these same artists have created album covers for such luminaries as Aphex Twin, Autechre and The Orb.

I always thought that developers of the Wipeout series are way ahead of their time and their games do not have enough power iron to embody on the screen the incredible speed that they would like eventually to see. Well, the Omega Collection for the first time allows you to experience the speed really. On top of that, any second you can activate the “photo mode” and capture your car in all its glory, and then publish the images on social networks. Screen interface is easily customizable, allowing you to get rid of the unwanted indicators and elements. The developers have also built in a collection of “management support” (Pilot Assist) for those who had faced a Wipeout for the first time, or for veterans who over the years managed to lose the skill. However, using this you can always disable it and rely solely on my own instincts.

Compilation of games includes 46 cars, different in their characteristics, 26 tracks and a variety of game modes. The most attractive mode of all, in my opinion, is the split screen when you and your boyfriend or girlfriend can get comfortable on the couch and play together on one screen. Through three campaigns (one for each game), you will gradually unlock new cars and earn medals. If you like to compete with other players, the game will prompt you to go online, where roads converge from 2 to 8 players. Some will need to go for a while, and somewhere will have to fight with rivals, shooting them from their guns and blasting plasma missiles. During the race do not forget that your car is able to accelerate, bumping special notes, and even knows how to Dodge enemy attacks, abruptly leaving in the direction.

We should also talk about the musical accompaniment of the game. The soundtrack was assembled from scratch and includes compositions of such bands and artists as DJ Kentaro, Noisia, Swedish House Mafia, The Prodigy, Deadmau5 and The Chemical Brothers. Hurtling down the road blinding the sounds of Invaders Must Die – the pleasure is indescribable. But I, and then, sadly, remembered how much I miss music Orbital, Daft Punk, Propellerheads and Underworld from previous games. And I haven’t found in any OST track of the legendary composer CoLD SToRAGE (Tim Wright), who for the last 22 years was the permanent composer series Wipeout. Licensing of music tracks – it is very trim, so I understand why Sony went to such a step. On the other hand, Omega Collection sounds exactly like what they should sound like any Wipeout. And it’s just wonderful. In addition, absolutely all sound effects collection went through a process of careful remastering and sound in 7.1 format just incredible.

The serious minus of the game I would have said the lack of any new content. We got exactly the number of tracks and cars that were in the original three games (two, to be exact, because Wipeout Fury – only add-on). The developers decided not to engage in independent action, but simply as thoroughly as possible to improve the materials that were in their hands. It is not excluded that this was done out of respect for the Studio SCE Studio Liverpool and their original games. Collection Omega Collection is distributed at a discounted price 2199 rubles for the digital version (disc will cost 100 rubles more expensive). For the money you have at your disposal three fully competitive campaign, a bunch of extra modes, a great soundtrack of 28 tracks from world renowned musicians and a sea of joy. Agree – a very tempting offer.


  • None of the games in the series Wipeout has never looked so gorgeous.
  • HDR 4K image and a stable 60 fps perfectly convey great speed.
  • Great soundtrack that includes The Prodigy and The Chemical Brothers.
  • Lots of game modes, including a remarkable split screen.
  • The presence of photorika allows you to create incredibly beautiful images.
  • A huge set of futuristic cars and colorful race tracks.
  • Three games in the legendary series, and even at a reduced price.


  • The developers have not added in the game almost nothing new.
  • Very short music tracks from past games.

A collection of Wipeout Omega Collection – a great gift for fans of the series. For those who with Wipeout was never familiar, this compilation could be a nice opening and give a lot of bright emotions. Given that you get a set from their three games at a discounted price, whether the purchase does not cause any internal conflicts. The owners of the PlayStation 4 console Pro and modern 4K TVs with HDR will receive from the collection of the maximum pleasure, because with this iron Omega Collection begins dazzling sparkle to their faces. If to all this beauty and headset support PlayStation VR tie – it would be altogether perfect! I put the game 9 out of 10.