#Gamescom | End of the conference, Blizzard

#Gamescom | End of the conference, Blizzard


Conference Blizzard in the framework of the European exhibition of video games Gamescom 2017 was highly anticipated by millions of fans. Special revelation no one expected, but everyone was sincerely hoping that the legendary developer announces DLC for their popular games World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch , and others. Of course, we will tell you about all the key announcements of the conference in order.


Patch number 7.3 for World of Warcraft called Shadows of Argus will be released in a week, August 29. Players will be available in brand new locations, new enemies, new items and much, much more.


The Lich king will be available as boss on Friday. It is able to adapt its strategy depending on what class you play. During the exhibition Gamescom 10 000 people tried to beat this boss, but managed to defeat him only an hour before the start of the presentation of the Blizzard. Yeah, that’s how good it is. And the audience was shown a short film “Our house”, which you can watch below.

Heroes of the Storm

Fans of the spiritual successor of Dota 2 introduced a new character — Kel Thuzad. In honor of this, the developers will arrange the special event Call of Kel Thuzad, consisting of four new quests.


Fans of the popular shooter Overwatch could see the new animated film devoted to the character Mae.

Below you can watch the entire conference from beginning to end.