Garmin introduced a sports watch Forerunner 935 and sensor Running Dynamics Pod....

Garmin introduced a sports watch Forerunner 935 and sensor Running Dynamics Pod. Photo


Garmin announced the release of multifunctional sports watch with GPS/GLONASS navigation Forerunner 935. As told CNews in the company, with the release of the device on the market, fans of triathlon and other sports will receive an assistant for workouts of any intensity.

The new model sports watches Garmin has expanded its range of support classes kind of activity: it can be running, Cycling, swimming, cross country skiing, Hiking, cross-country running, paddle boarding, rowing, strength/ cardio training, and even Golf. Running watch with GPS/GLONASS receiver, the “Multisport” and weighing just 49 grams designed for athletes who are in the period of training and during the competition required detailed biochemical data along with long time of Autonomous work of the gadget.

The device allows to obtain data dynamics for running, Cycling and swimming, including the time balance of the ground contact, step length, coefficient of vertical oscillations. For collecting additional information will need additional accessories – lapel HRM-RUN HRM or-Tri, or Running Dynamics sensor Pod which goes on the market simultaneously with the Forerunner 935. The device is compatible with other wireless accessories that extend the capabilities of the device: monitors, heart rate sensor cadence, sensor-pedometer.

Watch also calculate VO2 max and lactate threshold are the forecast time in the competition and make recommendations for recovery. The device measures the heart rate directly at your wrist, allowing athletes to feel more free during the competition. The watch can be used with quick release straps Quickfit.

Sports watch Garmin Forerunner 935