“Gazprom” has updated the record for gas deliveries in the far abroad...

“Gazprom” has updated the record for gas deliveries in the far abroad for the day


Photo: Yegor Aleev/TASS

“Gazprom” has set a new historic record in gas exports to foreign countries per day

According to the Agency TASS with reference to data of “Gazprom” on Friday, January 6, the company delivered to foreign customers 615,5 million cubic meters of gas. “This is 0.9 million cubic meters more than the previous record volume was achieved on 5 January,” — noted in the holding.

January 2, Gazprom has put on the “Nord stream” 160,75 million cubic meters of gas, which was a record for the Russian holding. Commenting on the event, head of the company Alexey Miller emphasized the need for Russian gas to European market.

In the future, this figure increased every day, reaching 4 Jan 165,2 million cubic meters per day. The same amount of gas was delivered on 5 and 6 January. According to the company, which is 10% above the design capacity of the pipeline.

In November 2016, “Gazprom” has exported to foreign countries 17.6 billion cubic meters of gas, which is also an absolute record of delivery. The previous record, recorded in October 2016 exceeded 500 million cubic meters.

One of the reasons for the export growth, the experts called cold fall in Europe, the other is outpacing demand from European buyers, as it is tied to the price of oil the price of gas “Gazprom” under long-term contracts is significantly lower than the prices on the spot markets.