General Dunford: US has warned Russia about the attack

General Dunford: US has warned Russia about the attack


Генерал Данфорд: США не предупреждали Россию об атаке

The Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, revealed details of the training operation in Syria

The US military command used the so-called “deconflicting” line of communication with the Russian side on the Friday evening before the start of the operation against Syria, but did not disclose what the objects will become a target for the strikes of the coalition forces.

“We specifically chose these goals to avoid the risk to engage Russian forces, and we used our usual “deconfliction” channels that were active the whole week, in order to solve the problems in the airspace, said at a briefing in the Pentagon the Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff General Joseph Dunford on Friday evening on East coast time USA. – We have not had any coordination with the Russians about the attacks, and we warned them in advance.”

Statement of General Dunford was another evidence of the extreme deterioration in bilateral relations between Washington and Moscow. Last year, on 7 April 2017, a few hours before the missile attack on the air base, government forces in Syria, the US military command warned the Russian side about an imminent attack.

The U.S. and Russia organized a so-called “deconflicting” line in October 2015, in order to prevent possible clashes military units of the two countries, often operating in the same areas.

However, on Friday, General Dunford stressed repeatedly that this time there was no warning.

“All the negotiations that were somehow associated with this operation and was carried out before targets were hit, were the usual talks on the conflict in Syrian airspace, he said. – We have not agreed on goals or any planning with the Russians.”

According to him, the Russian side did not suspect anything beforehand.

“If you evaluate the information provided, we will communicate in her usual every day and every night, so most likely they found nothing unusual in these conversations about the topic of airspace,” said General Dunford.