General Selva: in the world again is the competition of the great...

General Selva: in the world again is the competition of the great powers


Генерал Селва: в мире снова идет соревнование великих держав

According to the General, it is impossible to ignore the competition between the US, Russia and China

In the world again there is competition between the great powers, on which the emphasis in the Strategy on national security and national defense, and it should recognize 10 years ago, said Deputy Chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, General Paul Selva at the meeting of the organization of the Defense Writers Group.

The General said Selvy in the coming years in international relations will be dominated by a strategy that recognizes the competition between the US, Russia and China.

“The last 10 years we have seen a world in which China’s influence grows, and retains wealth and influence in the Asian and European continents, he said. – And the United States interact with both these countries.”

According to Selvy, if between the countries there were no conflicts and problem areas in the world would be dominated by the “normal Commerce”, but it is not. In 2008, Russia took two regions of Georgia in 2014 annexed the Crimea and continues to support the separatists in the East of the country and the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

China builds artificial Islands in South China sea and promote its territorial claims and is investing heavily in defence and behaves opaque, says Selva.

“Between Russia, China and the United States has always been and still is the point of the collision, the General said. – Not to recognize that it is the competition of the great powers that we all fight for a place on the global economic stage on the world political arena and even at the national arena in the field of security is ignoring reality.”

According to the General strategy of national security and national defence clarifies what should be obvious. “Our relations should be determined by our conduct, not what we would like to see him”, – he stressed.

The General said: “This does not mean that will happen world war. This does not mean that the competition will end in violence. But if you don’t understand that the real competition is the significance of power – economic, political, military – that you ignore history”.

According to Selvi, the competition of the great powers will go on for many years and will play a fundamental role in shaping the strategies of national security and foreign policy.