General Votel: Russia is playing in Syria, “the role of arsonist and...

General Votel: Russia is playing in Syria, “the role of arsonist and fireman”


Генерал Вотел: Россия играет в Сирии «роли поджигателя и пожарного»

The head of U.S. Central command Joseph Votel said that Moscow initially exacerbates tensions, and then acts as mediator in conflict resolution

WASHINGTON – a Senior us General has accused Russia that it sows the seeds of instability in Syria and the middle East in a bid to broaden its influence at the expense of the United States and the international community.

“In diplomatic and military terms, Moscow also plays the role of arsonist and firefighter, exacerbating tensions between all parties in Syria,” he told lawmakers Tuesday, the head of Central command of the armed forces of the USA General Joseph Votel.

According to Votel, then Russia offers to mediate, trying to “undermine and weaken the position of each side in the negotiations”.

Such criticism, though, and took more drastic forms than in the past, in General, consistent with previous warnings of the US and Western intelligence agencies, claiming that Russia sees Syria as an opportunity to restore the Central position of Moscow on the world stage.

It also reflects the concern outlined in the recently submitted national security strategy of the United States, which is called Russia a “revisionist power”, trying to destroy the existing international order.

“It is obvious that Russia’s interests in Syria – Russia’s interests and not the broader international community, said Votel. Her role at the moment is incredibly destabilizing”.

However, the General’s words may also reflect differences with the administration of U.S. President Donald trump, who often tries to focus on a possible collaboration.

Although administration officials say that in some areas Russia’s actions infringe upon the interests of the United States and in this case, the United States have resisted, according to them, the middle East is not such an area.

“There is a direct threat to the us from Russia in the middle East? Obviously, the threat comes from terrorists and Iran,” recently said a senior administration official on condition of anonymity.

Washington and Moscow are taking a concerted effort to avoid conflict. Created a special “hot line” to prevent ground collision of American and Russian troops by mistake.

However, General Votel said that Russia’s actions in Syria, actively undermine efforts to combat “Islamic state” and the search for a political settlement of the conflict in broader terms.

“Russia’s actions are putting progress at risk because they are not focused on the fight against “Islamic state”, but rather on the preservation of their own influence and control over the results,” said Votel.

He also criticized Russia for its failure to implement a “humanitarian pause” in the Syrian area of Eastern ghouta, which Moscow announced Tuesday.

“Russia must admit that it is unable or does not want to participate in ending the Syrian conflict,” the General said.