Gennady Timchenko will be engaged in the restaurant business

Gennady Timchenko will be engaged in the restaurant business


Gennady Timchenko

Photo: Ekaterina Kuzmina / RBC

Gennady Timchenko rents and to renovate the former restaurant “Golden ear” at ENEA. The school enjoyed great popularity in the Soviet Union, but currently not used

The company “the Main restaurant VSHV,” which, according to the register, is 100% owned by Volga Group Gennady Timchenko, in December 2016 for 49 years rented the former restaurant “Golden ear” at ENEA. About it write “sheets” with reference to the data of Rosreestr. The representative Timchenko confirmed it.

According to the Rosreestr, the building area is 3893,4 sqm On the website ENEA statedthat the main façade is an object of cultural heritage of Federal importance. During Soviet times, the “Golden spike” was considered one of the most prestigious restaurants, like “Prague” and “Moscow”. In the 1970s, on a visit to the “Golden spike” there was a record six months in advance, stated on the website of the Moscow Park. In 1980-ies the school was closed for remodeling, but it did not open until 2013 was used as a warehouse. According Mosgorbti, in 2006 the building was worn down by 54%.

According to the representative Timchenko, the company will perform the restoration of the building and its complete renovation, this historical view of the main facade will be saved. The project should be implemented in seven years. During the term of the lease “the Main restaurant VSHV” pledged to use the building as a restaurant.

People from the environment Timchenko said that the restaurant will focus on fresh products of domestic manufacturers. The concept of the restaurant is not disclosed. Source “Vedomosti” reported that the school will be located separate area for presentations of manufacturers of Russia. The representative of the businessman has refused comments about it.

According to the representative Timchenko, a businessman he proposed ENEA to become the investor of the project. “For it is not only a business project, but a contribution to the development of urban infrastructure, as well as “a tribute to the historical heritage of the city and the country”, — the newspaper writes.

Restaurateur Arkady Novikov told Vedomosti that he had received proposals for the lease and renovation of the “Golden spike”, but refused. He explained that it is connected including with the exterior of the building — it is large, done in the style of Stalin’s Empire.

The owner of “Reconsult” Sergey Mironov says that the class of the restaurant — high or economy depends, will it be possible to access the house by car. He believes that the best option is to combine the building has several restaurants, which will be a different concept. Mironov praised the company’s investments Timchenko 300 million rubles.

The representative of ENEA has not commented on this information.