German journalists found out how to earn Russian hackers

German journalists found out how to earn Russian hackers


Foreign politicians continue to accuse the Russian authorities in the organization of hacker attacks, which allegedly influenced the outcome of U.S. presidential elections. Journalists of the popular German edition Bild has conducted an investigation, which found out how to earn a living in St. Petersburg “cyberpsace”.

Employees of the German media published the photo of a certain Alice Shevchenko, claiming that the girl is the “main hacker in the Putin’s team.” “She helped the Russian authorities to manipulate the elections,” — said Bild.

Journalists refer to the statements of the “young Russians” Lyudmila Savchuk, which is still in 2015, told how to operate the Pro-government Internet trolls.

“The task of the girls was part of the propaganda Network for Putin and discredit his enemies in the reviews on various websites and also online forums,” the German journalists write.

Finally, the authors Bild claim that in winter 2016, they managed to visit the Russian “Troll factory”, which is located in Saint Petersburg.

“It employs hundreds of young people aged 20 to 30 years. They are paid from 640 to 800 rubles per month. Good money for Russia!” — it is noted in the article.

Even if the last sentence is sarcasm, hard to believe that so many Russians will agree to work for such ridiculous wages. In addition, the authors do not distinguish between hackers and Internet trolls, believing, apparently, that they are one and the same.

It should be noted that after the of this publication (and particularly — on specified in it the sum of “earnings of Russian Troll”) started laughing in the Internet, the article on the newspaper’s website, the ruble was replaced by the Euro. However, the Network has remained in the original version of this article, where else are the dollars:

Earlier, Obama said that no doubt the intervention of Russian special services in the outcome of the elections in the United States.