Giuliani: it’s unlikely that trump will agree to talk with Mueller

Giuliani: it’s unlikely that trump will agree to talk with Mueller


Джулиани: маловероятно, что Трамп согласится на беседу с Мюллером

The lawyers of the President fear that trump could try to catch on perjury

The lawyer of the President of the United States Donald trump Rudolph Giuliani considers it unlikely that the President will agree to answer the questions of spectacular Robert Mueller about Russian interference in the presidential election of 2016 and a possible obstruction of justice on their part.

“It’s unlikely, but I wouldn’t be shocked, because he wants this to be done,” Giuliani said Monday in an interview with CNN.

Thus, according to Giuliani, if trump would agree to have this conversation, he will only respond to questions about whether joined his campaign headquarters in collusion with Russia, and on obstruction of justice will speak only to a very limited extent. Trump has long insisted that “no collusion” between his assistants and Moscow was not and that he as President was not trying to obstruct the investigation Muller.

Sunday night, trump has again criticized Muller and investigation, which he directs, accusing spectacular in the hidden “conflict of interest”, including due to the fact that he had with the President was unfavorable business relationship.

According to trump, he refused to Mueller, who last held the post of Director of the FBI, to re-appoint to this post the day before the Prosecutor General Kind of Rosenstein appointed him spectaculorum with the task of investigating the “Russian case”.

Trump once again called the investigation a “witch hunt” and “illegal fraud”, which started “angry Democrats” loyal to his rival, Hillary Clinton.

Giuliani refused to clarify what the business relationship was trump and Muller, saying that the prerogative remains with spectaculorum, although trump himself mentioned it in his tweet.

According to Giuliani, last held the post of mayor of new York, the lawyers of the President fear that the team spectracolor can give the President a trap, trying to catch him on perjury, which is a criminal offense.

He added that lawyers trump has put forward its proposal for talks on a limited list of questions 10 days ago, but have not yet received a response from Mueller. If spectracolor not like the conditions, he may notify the Trump agenda that will create the conditions for a legal dispute about whether it is possible to force the incumbent President to testify. In the end, the issue may reach the Supreme court.

As expected, Mueller will adhere to the recommendations of the Ministry of justice, which prohibit filing charges to the incumbent President, however, can write a report on its findings, which can be transmitted to the Congress. Congress, in turn, can begin impeachment proceedings against trump.

According to Giuliani, Muller wants to end the ongoing 14 month investigation in September, leaving enough time before the November elections, to avoid accusations of trying to influence their results.

In an interview with CNN, Giuliani criticized the former personal counsel to trump, Michael Cohen due to the fact that he recorded conversations with clients, including a conversation with the future President about payment models Playboy Karen Mcdougal shortly before the elections. Mcdougal claims that she has more than ten years ago had an affair with the President, and trump is Cohen discussed the possibility pay her for her silence.

Giuliani said that Cohen was “lying to everyone talking” and “betrayed” trump, who was “a close friend”. “It happens in life,” he added.

“From my point of view, you lost the right to work as a lawyer, said Giuliani. – You cannot record the conversation with the client without his permission. This is outrageous”.