Giuliani: Trump can’t file charges on the “Russian case”

Giuliani: Trump can’t file charges on the “Russian case”


Джулиани: Трампу не могут предъявить обвинения по «российскому делу»

The lawyer said that the team of Muller won’t press criminal charges against the current President

Prosecutors found that if President Donald trump was accused of violating, he will not be charged in the investigation about the Russian intervention in the elections and obstructing justice, announced on Thursday, one of his lawyers.

He told the Fox News channel, former new York mayor Rudy Giuliani, recently joined the legal team of the President, a team of spectacular Robert Mueller told him that they will adhere to the longstanding policy of the Ministry of justice and will not to indict a sitting President, even if you find strong evidence of a criminal offense.

“All they can do is to make a report, and no matter how serious either was the case, we will deal with it. We also know how to write.”

According to Giuliani, prosecutors may submit a report to the Deputy attorney General Rod Rosenstein, which controls the investigation of Mueller, and he, in turn, may transfer it to the House of representatives. Congressmen, if deemed necessary, can begin impeachment proceedings.

“It’s possible impeachment,” said Giuliani. According to experts, if there is a reason prosecutors can also indicate in court documents that trump is a partner, who is not indicted.

Trump on Thursday reiterated that it did not commit any violations. He wrote this tweet on the anniversary of the appointment of Mueller. The matter came under the control of Rozensteina, when attorney General Jeff sessions, despite objections from trump himself from the investigation because of his own contacts with the Russian Ambassador in Washington during the election campaign.

The President wrote: “Congratulations, America: I went to the second year of the greatest witch hunt in American history, and there is no conspiracy or of obstructing justice is still not detected. The only conspiracy was the Democrats who failed to win the election, even though they spent a lot more money!”

In another tweet, trump has invoked article New York Times about the fact that his campaign could be implemented, an FBI informant. “If this is true, this is a scandal bigger than Watergate!” – wrote the President, referring to the political scandal, which in 1972 led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

The Mueller investigation is not yet finished, and there are no signs that this will happen any time soon.

Muller managed to get a confession from a number of close trump, including his former national security adviser Michael Flynn and former campaign adviser for international Affairs of George Papadopoulos. Both pleaded guilty to making false statements about his contacts with the Russians. Former campaign Manager of trump by Paul Manafort, accused of crimes related to his lobbying activities in the interests of Ukraine before the election campaign this year will stand trial.

Trump’s lawyers and the lawyers of the Muller in talks about a possible conversation with the President regarding Russian interference in the elections and the possible obstruction of justice on his part in the dismissal of the former Director of the FBI James Comey, who led the investigation to Mueller.

“I think the investigation should be closed, said Giuliani, saying that it began with the “illegal actions” – the story of Komi on private conversations with the President in the White house before retirement.

“The President wants to testify,” said Giuliani. According to him, lawyers of the Muller “I believe that I can examine his motives” when making various decisions, including the dismissal of Komi.

Mueller threatened to send Trump a subpoena if his team will not be able to negotiate with lawyers of the President on voluntary conversation.

But Giuliani insists that Mueller “will not be able to send the agenda” that would lead to legal battles on the issue of whether to force the incumbent President to testify before the Grand jury. Ultimately, the issue may be pending before the Supreme court.

In other interviews, Giuliani said that if trump will be forced to testify under oath, he may exercise the right not to testify against himself and refuse to answer questions.

According to Giuliani, trump could answer the questions of the team of Muller, but go for it only if it will help to reduce the time of investigation. Giuliani added that lawyers trump “will become a laughing stock in the professional environment, if allow him to testify” in proceedings, without clear temporal boundaries.

“The President is absolutely not guilty,” added Giuliani.