Global Firepower: first place in the world rankings of military power is...

Global Firepower: first place in the world rankings of military power is the USA


Global Firepower: первое место в мировом рейтинге военной мощи занимают США

Russia is in second place in the list, and China – on the third

International research company, Global Firepower released a report of the military experts, which assessed global rating of “military power” of 133 countries worldwide in 2017, the year.

This rating includes 50 different factors – a set of different national characteristics (among the latter is the development of technology and industry, natural resources, geopolitical factors, transport infrastructure).

The rankings as additional benefits were taken into account whether the country has nuclear weapons, but it was not considered in assessing the balance of certain types of weapons. When evaluating a small resource bonus received country, which are included in NATO.

The final terms of the rating of military power – the United States is currently significantly ahead of Russia (second place) and China (third place). Further, of the top ten military powers of the world, according to the report, are India, France, UK, Japan, Turkey, Germany and Egypt.

Ukraine in this ranking is the 30-th place; Syria – 44.

The report allows you to compare military power of any two arbitrarily chosen countries. Here’s how, for example, looks like the ratio of American and Russian military power.

The U.S. far ahead of Russia in the whole number human resources. Total population 323.9 m mln vs 142,3 million. Accordingly, the same advantage is observed when assessing populations of military age. However, the number of armed forces in the U.S. only slightly more than in Russia: 1, 373 million against 0,798 million people. While the military reserve in the United States, much less 0,990 million people (in Russia – 2,572 million reservists).

If you evaluate the development of transport infrastructure, there is obvious advantage of the United States. For example – for road length: 6,586 million km against 0,982 million and Railways – 225 thousand km and 87 thousand, respectively. However, for example, in the production and oil reserves Russia has a noticeable advantage. With proven oil reserves: 80 billion barrels to 36.5 billion against

The total number of aircraft and helicopters of the U.S. air force are far ahead of videoconferencing: 13,762 units against 3,794. However, we must remember that this advantage decreases significantly when we are talking about fighters, bombers and other combat machines. For example, if the total superiority of the US in helicopters is about 4:1, combat helicopters – 2:1.

The Russian army has a quantitative advantage in all types of artillery, as well as in the total number of tanks: 20,216 and 5,884 thousand, respectively.

Parity exists in the proportion of certain types of warships. For example, submarines: Russia 63, USA 70. But the number of aircraft carriers (aircraft & helicopter) of the US Navy had absolute superiority: 19:1.

The volume of the defense budget the United States is also firmly occupy the first place in the world 587,8 billion. However, this indicator does not always correspond to the aggregate military power of the state, which is estimated in the report.

So, total military spending is on the second place is China ($161,7 billion), followed by Saudi Arabia ($56.7 bn), the fourth – India ($51 billion), the fifth – UK ($45,7), the sixth – Russia ($44.6 billion), and the seventh Japan ($43.8 billion).

The military budget of Ukraine (40th place) equal to $48,88 billion, which is only half a billion more than in neutral Switzerland.

Belarus ($0,725 billion) in the ranking of military spending is on the 79th place, side by side with Bahrain and Bulgaria. Georgia ($0,38 billion) – 89-m, Estonia ($0,335 billion) on 92.

Armenia’s military budget ($0,225 billion, 99), several times less than the military budget of Azerbaijan ($3,185 billion), which occupies the 54-th line in the budget rating.

Closes the list of 133 countries in the Kingdom of Bhutan. It spends on military needs 10 million dollars.