Golden globe: men in black

Golden globe: men in black


«Золотой глобус»: люди в черном

The political agenda can outshine the competition films

A movie star has promised to come on the 75th ceremony “Golden globe” in black in solidarity with the victims of sexual harassment, United in a growing movement with the hashtag “me too” (#MeToo).

The annual awards of the Association of foreign journalists of the Hollywood (HFPA) to be held on December 7 in Los Angeles, in the hotel “Beverly Hilton”, and will be broadcast live by NBC, starting at 5 PM Pacific time (8 PM East coast time USA).

The elephant in the Hilton

Many of last year’s memorable performance by Meryl Streep, has sharply criticized President trump. Will there be a ceremony this year as politicized? Go in the footsteps of Strip, TV personality Oprah Winfrey, which will be awarded honorary award for achievements in the course of your career?

Experts tend to answer these questions in the affirmative. Characteristically, one of the most scathing critics of trump’s TV host Seth Meyers for the first time invited to perform the ceremony (in the past he wrote for the leading Reprise). Apparently, he will not miss the opportunity to Express their feelings about the current President.

The second obvious theme of the day, which must, of course, loud sound in the ballroom of the Hilton, the sensational collapse of a prominent film producer Harvey Weinstein, accused of a series of sex scandals, and the subsequent snowball of similar exposures to other known persons of show business, including actors Kevin spacey and Dustin Hoffman and Director Paul Haggis.

“It’s so cute when the elephant is in the room, Myers said in a recent interview, referring to the topic of sexual harassment in Hollywood. Is on everyone’s mind, which eases my task.”

You need to keep in mind that Weinstein over the past decades has been a key figure at the ceremony “Golden globe”. He confidently conducted lobbying efforts, maintaining the films of his Studio, always sat at the honorary table, and his night of partying after the awards the secular press called the most elegant.

On the topic of the day

Unlike the Oscars, the “Globes” has three additional categories for films in the genre “Comedy/musical” – best film and best actor and actress.

Predictions, as always – a lot. And also you can see through the thread that is associated with the political conjuncture.

Give the journalists of the HFPA preferred movies eternal human issues or will focus on the media “day of anger”? It is significant that the actual tape in line with the current sentiment in American society, often referred to in forecasting as the main favourites.

We are talking, primarily, about the new film by Steven Spielberg “The Post” (in Russian hire – “Secret dossier”) and Martin McDonagh’s “Three Billboard on the border of Ebbing, Missouri” (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri). They have six nominations.

According to the newspaper The New York Times, the Spielberg film is “a condemnation of attacks on journalists carried out by the administration of the trump.” In real history with the publication of the “Pentagon papers” that caused a severe conflict leadership Newspapers the Washington post with the Nixon administration, can be easily understood from the analogy with the present day. Starring – Meryl Streep and Tom Hanks.

Serious competition Spielberg is “Three billboards” – hard, full of bitter sarcasm provincial drama. The mother of the raped and murdered girl defies local police, which, she believes, has remained passive in the search for criminals. High chances for the award in the acting categories (drama) u McDormand, temperamentally who performed in this film the main role.

According to some experts, can not be discounted fantasy retrogram Guillermo del Toro “water Shape” (The Shape of Water) having the highest number of nominations – seven. Sally Hawkins played the silent lady on a secret American base during the “cold war” falling in love with a naive mutant, a kind of “person-amphibian”.Hawkins, as well as the Strip, the main competitors McDormand among Actresses in the drama segment.

Among men in the category “drama” competition is higher than ever. Many were struck by the masterful Gary Oldman, reincarnated in Winston Churchill in the historical drama “Dark times” (Darkest Hour). A high rating at Daniel Day-Lewis (“Phantom thread”/ Phantom Thread) and Denzel Washington (“the novel by John Steinbeck. Israel, Esq”/Roman J. Israel, Esq). A popular blog Gold Derby mentions among the main contenders a little-known Timothy Salama, who played gay in the romantic-drama “Call me my name” (Call Me by Your Name).

In the Comedy-musical category, the biggest chances, according to experts, have a history of growing up girl “Lady bird” (Lady Bird) directed by debutant Greta Gerwig and anti-racist satirical horror film “Away!” (Get Out) Jordan Saw.

Among the actors of this segment is isolated as the favorites of James Franco (“Mountain-Lord”/The Disaster Artist) and Daniel Caluya of “Away!”. And Actresses have a high rating at Saoirse Ronan of “Lady bird” and the timeless Judy Dench (“Victoria and Abdul”/Victoria & Abdul).

Champagne for the party

Golden globe positions itself as a dress rehearsal for the Oscars, making the major trends of the awards season. Getting gilded statues with the globe for many films became the start of the ascent to global success. Although the Academy of motion picture arts (AMPAS), presenting the award “Oscar”, strives to distance itself from the award of this relatively small group of foreign journalists to a professional level which in Hollywood are not without skepticism, the “Golden globe” consistently manages to maintain his reputation due to the high TV rating of the ceremony. And this is a guarantee that the income from advertisers is not scanty.

The organizers of the show at the Hilton proudly called his creation “the biggest party of the year” and emphasize that “Globes” are in a much more informal setting than the Oscars and give the opportunity to invited the stars to relax, sitting in the hall at tables with champagne and snacks.

What else distinguishes the “Globes” from the Oscars, so is the existence of a separate category for television production. Just radautz awards in 14 kinogalerija and 11 television.

Fans of television series and TV movies have a chance to see their idols rising on the scene for the awards. It is reported that the ceremony will be visited by stars such as Nicole Kidman, who starred in the TV movie “Big little lies” (Big Little Lies), sterling brown (“we”/This Is Us) and Eric McCormack (“will & grace”Will & Grace).

By the way, “Big little lies” leads with six nominations. Having a large number of fans of the show “Very strange things” (Stranger Things) claims to be two statues. Many is the question: will “Game of thrones” (Game of Thrones) first prize in the category “best drama series”? Fans of this super popular series are set up aggressively, Recalling the slogan of this brutal medieval fantasy – “Victory or death”.

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