Google released an OS for large companies

Google released an OS for large companies


New service for business

Google has released an enhanced version of its operating system Chrome OS – Chrome Enterprise, addressed to big business.

It is a Chrome OS-integrated service that enables enterprises to manage computers running Chrome OS. The subscription price will be $50 per device per year. Specialized media called a new product similar to another business-Google — Chromebooks for Work, which had the same function but less features.

The advantage of Chrome Enterprise is that it is fully compatible with the directory service Microsoft Active Directory. According to a senior Google Director of product management, Android and Chrome for work and education Regena Set (Rajen Sheth), the lack of compatibility with Microsoft Active Directory for a long time prevented many enterprises begin to use a device running Chrome OS.

In addition, Chrome Enterprise companies will be able to manage the computers Chrome OS using the same solutions for enterprise mobility management that they are already using, including AirWatch from VMware. Support of such services will be launched in the future. TechCrunch notes that measures such as integration with AirWatch necessary if Google wants to attract more corporate clients to use its cloud services.

Chrome Features Enterprise

Features Chrome Enterprise, which itself isn’t Chrome OS comes with a browser and its extensions, managing printers, managing OS updates, networks and proxies, maintaining public sessions and kiosk mode, a cloud-based management of all computers in the enterprise.

Google has launched a service to manage chromacake in companies