Governor of Florida proposed to equate guns with alcohol

Governor of Florida proposed to equate guns with alcohol


Губернатор Флориды предложил уравнять оружие с алкоголем

It is suggested not to sell weapons to persons under 21 years of

Governor of Florida Rick Scott said he wants to raise the minimum age for buying weapons to 21.

After killing 17 people in the Florida school, Rick Scott has proposed to introduce a number of restrictions on the purchase of weapons and measures to strengthen security in schools. He said that in the coming weeks will be to work with state legislators to develop appropriate legislative initiatives.

Republican Governor stated that the right to buy weapons can be given only to people over 21 years old – exceptions may be made for military and law enforcement personnel. The age at 21 is chosen not casually: the United States Federal law establishes that to purchase alcoholic beverages is possible only at that age. Currently in Florida weapons can buy a person under 18 years of age. 19-year-old Nicholas Cruz, who staged a massacre at school, legally bought a semi-automatic rifle.

Scott proposes to ban the sale of so-called “rolling stock” – devices that can turn a semi-automatic rifle – automatic (sale of automatic weapons to civilians is banned in the US).

The Governor also said that should be “virtually impossible” to sell weapons to people with mental disorders.

He also stressed that schools must necessarily be an armed guard or a police officer.

Governor Rick Scott said that this package of proposals worked out after meetings with students.