GPhone: the cover on the phone, able to control the level of...

GPhone: the cover on the phone, able to control the level of glucose in the blood


In the modern smartphone integrated many functions: photo and video camera, voice recorder and music player that 15-20 years ago it was impossible to imagine in a single device. But in recent times manufacturers are trying to equip their devices healthy functions. Perhaps very soon, those suffering from diabetes, can do without a glucose meter, measuring sugar levels with the help of your smartphone.

The device is called GPhone and created by scientists from the University of California at San Diego and is a cover on the phone. The frame of the gadget is printed on a 3D printer, and the power supply device does not require and operates from the battery of the smartphone. As you can see in the photo above, at the top of the case has a sensor (which, incidentally, is removable). The sensor is connected to the circuit motherboard. On the other hand the device fixed removable stylus, the end of which is disposable ball. To analyze, you need this ball to reach the sensor, thereby charging it. Then the ball is added a few drops of blood, and the specific protein in the bulb reacts with glucose. This protein responds to glucose and generates an electrical signal: the higher the glucose level, the stronger the signal. But the data needs to be decoded: it needs more time to reach the sensor, which will forward them to the application on the smartphone via Bluetooth.

On the test itself takes no more than 20 seconds, and the app (available so far only on Android) can store, analyze, and send it to your doctor. And have with technology and a number of disadvantages, most important of which is that the test takes 12 drops of blood, but the developers are working to reduce this number. We should not forget that announced the case is only a first test prototype, and it is lots of changes. The developers claim that this technology can be easily integrated into future models of smartphones.