Graham warned of a trump against the withdrawal of us troops from...

Graham warned of a trump against the withdrawal of us troops from Syria


Грэм предупредил Трампа против вывода американских войск из Сирии

According to the Senator, this will lead to the revival of the “Islamic state” and the growing influence of Iran

Senior Republican Senator Lindsey Graham on Sunday warned US President Donald trump from the withdrawal of us troops from Syria, saying it will lead to the recovery of the positions of the “Islamic state” and increase the influence of Iran on the Syrian government in Damascus.

“It will be the worst decision that can be taken by the President,” said Graham, a member of the Senate Committee on armed forces, speaking in a Sunday program on Fox News.

“We almost brought Islamic state to collapse. And you want to loosen the grip, to withdraw us troops,” said Graham.

In a situation when the “Islamic state” has lost almost all the territory they once controlled in Syria, trump told his advisers that he wants to withdraw American forces prematurely.

The President is in contradiction with the position of the American military leadership, which believes that the fight against “Islamic state” is far from complete.

It is expected that at the meeting of the national security Council at the White house early next week to discuss the U.S.-led campaign against the “Islamic state” in Syria.

A senior administration official told Reuters that trump’s advisers believe that a small American military contingent will remain in Syria, at least another two years.

Trump these recommendations do not like, but it is not yet clear whether he will give the order on withdrawal of troops, said the official.

Currently in Syria there are about 2 thousand American soldiers.

In a TV interview Graham agreed with the concern of the advisers of the White house regarding early withdrawal.

“Heading for disaster, he said. – Syria still haunting more than three thousand fighters of the “Islamic state”. If we withdraw troops in the near future, “Islamic state” will return, the war between Turkey and Kurds will get out of control, and you will give Damascus the Iranians without U.S. presence.”