Gyroscopic mobile platform — transport of the future

Gyroscopic mobile platform — transport of the future


Engineering to create future prototypes sometimes goes so far that simply amazed. But that recently was presented by the developers of the company Dahir Insaat, we meet for the first time. Meet: high traffic platform, the balance of which are supported by the gyroscopes.

In the core of the concept are large and unusual vehicles based on a pair of wheels. The platform of this “car” is located above the usual transport, due to which it can move directly “through” traffic. But that’s not all! “Rods” which hold the platform can be extended and shortened, and the platform can reach the size of a small apartment.

Conceptual vehicle can have different types of salons: how designed to carry large numbers of passengers and maximum comfort for one or more people. Mobile platform can also be used as mobile shops, halls or museums. According to one of the founders of the company and mastermind of the project,

“From the use of gyroscopic transportation can win not only ordinary people but also the emergency services: ambulance and fire. Their specialized vehicles will not be losing any precious seconds moving to the scene, and transported the devices will allow you to quickly put out the fire and save people. In light of the existence of ultrafast magnetic cushion trains and other modes of transport at the planning stage seemed almost impossible, the implementation of the project for the construction of the gyroscopic transport does not seem so unreal”.