Haley: US will not abandon pressure on North Korea

Haley: US will not abandon pressure on North Korea


Хейли: США не отказываются от давления на Северную Корею

The US Ambassador to the UN welcomed the intentions of Pyongyang and Seoul to hold high-level talks

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley said that “the United States will benefit” from the intentions of North and South Korea to hold high-level talks, but warned that the nuclear ambitions of Pyongyang continues to pose a serious threat to peace.

“The situation is very dangerous,” said Haley ABC television News on Sunday.

According to her, the United States “stop the pressure” to halt North Korea’s development of nuclear weapons.

“We can destroy them”, she warned.

The diplomat stressed that if North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN will take a nuclear attack on the United States, “will not be destroyed United States.”

It supported the reaction of US President Donald trump for a statement of the North Korean leader that his desktop is “nuclear button” and that “the entire territory of the continental United States is within the range of a nuclear strike” on North Korean missiles.

In response, trump tweeted: “Please someone from his exhausted and starving country, tell him that I, too, have a nuclear button, and it is much larger and more powerful than him, and my button works!”

Many American politicians thought that the reaction of the trump heightened tensions in relations with North Korea without having, but Haley said that “Kim needs to keep in suspense”

She said that before the United States will enter into serious negotiations with North Korea, Pyongyang must stop its rocket testing “for a long time” and be ready to discuss discontinuing the use of nuclear weapons.