Headset mixed reality Mixed Reality Windows Acer on sale

Headset mixed reality Mixed Reality Windows Acer on sale


We have repeatedly told you that Microsoft has launched the initiative of the Mixed Reality Initiative, which attempted to create a common standard compatible with the operating system Windows 10, VR and AR devices. Immediately after that, several large electronics manufacturers have announced their own headset mixed reality. One of them was Acer, the sale of a helmet which was launched in Russia today.

Headset Acer Windows Mixed Reality combines augmented and virtual reality. It is equipped with two of 2.89-inch displays with a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels each (total resolution of 2880 x 1440), the density of the points 706 ppi and increased the refresh rate of images of 90 Hz. Included with the headset are two wireless controller that allows you to track the movement of your hands in space. Both controllers feature multiple buttons and a touch panel. If you are a supporter of more traditional control schemes, nothing prevents you to use the headset with a familiar mouse and keyboard or even pick up a controller.

“Mixed reality opens up new possibilities in the fields of entertainment, education and work, – said Dmitry Kravchenko, CEO of Acer in Russia. The potential use of the device is the unique experience of interactivity and immersion in virtual worlds, as well as a huge variety of content, which is now being created. For VR-technologies for the future, and we are proud to offer Acer Windows Mixed Reality Russian users.”

The device is advantageously differs from its competitors in the face of the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift in that it does not need external cameras or laser sensors to track user’s movements in space. Inside the headset mounted two cameras and several sensors, enabling positioning on the principle of in-out, that is, from the inside out. The helmet is compatible with computers running the Windows operating system 10 installed update Fall Update Creators. With the computer it is connected a 4-metre cable with two connectors: USB and HDMI. The user feels quite comfortable, as the device weighs only 530 grams and has the most open structure, almost can not exerting pressure on the face and head.

It should be noted that the editorial staff of Hi-News had to try the headset on yourself even at the last exhibition “IgroMir 2017”. Impressions of using the device we have is very nice, as it practically felt on the head, and the controller movements are comfortable in the hands and accurately tracked in space. Applications and games for Acer Windows Mixed Reality is available for download in the app store Windows Store, as well as in the gaming service Steam. To date, the device is compatible with thousands of different titles, and that number is still expanding. The novelty is available for purchase in the stores network “M. Video” for a suggested price of 35 990 rubles.