Hearing: Telegram launches its own blockchain platform with cryptocurrency

Hearing: Telegram launches its own blockchain platform with cryptocurrency


Rumor has it that Pavel Durov is going to launch its own blockchain-based platform and cryptocurrency. The new platform will be called “The Open Network” or “Telegram Open Network” (TON), and its basis will be an improved version of the Blockchain technology.

About the new platform announced in Facebook Anton Rosenberg, a former employee of the Telegraph, the publishing division of the Telegram. In the post, Rosenberg published a teaser trailer for the new platform. It is noted that with the help of a TON each will be able to transfer money directly via Telegram, so the user will be protected from the control of the security services and other organizations are able to exercise control.
The hearing picked up the publishing Cointelegraph reported that, according to available sources, the new cryptocurrency will be called “Gram” and the Telegram Open platform Network will work with “lightweight wallets” and eventually integrates different instant messengers — what — is not clear.

To attract a TON no need, as the Telegram now has over 180 million users. In addition, the messenger of Pavel Durov very popular in the blockchain the community, and the head of the Telegram refers to the technology and cryptocurrency is more than loyal.

Official comments from the Creator of the Telegram or its representatives still did not follow, therefore, still not clear, truthful this rumor or not.

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