Heather Nauert: Syria must disclose its chemical weapons program

Heather Nauert: Syria must disclose its chemical weapons program


Хизер Нойерт: Сирия должна раскрыть свою программу химического оружия

The representative of the US state Department has accused Russia of disrupting the efforts of the international community to end the terror of Bashar al-Assad against its own people

The U.S. state Department spokesman Heather Nauert said Saturday in an interview with Fox News channel that one of the first steps that should be taken by the Syrian leadership to avoid further action by the USA and its allies, would be full disclosure of the information on its chemical weapons.

“The Syrian regime could do a few things first, you need to do now is to declare all chemical weapons stockpiles and all programs associated with it. Perhaps after this action (of a missile strike the U.S. and allies in Syria – HA) they finally woke up, and it will encourage them to reconsider their approach – it would certainly we had hoped. If they do, we would have helped them to enter into the Geneva process, through which they, in the end, we went to the moment, which is still very far away – when Syria began again to recover,” said Heather Nauert.

The U.S. state Department spokesman stressed that the Geneva process is the only way of moving forward: “Russia and Iran are trying to build “Astana process”, the “Sochi process” – none of it worked, because Iran and Russia in these cases act as guarantors”.

Heather Nauert noted that the sponsor of the Geneva process is the UN.

According to the representative of foreign policy Department of the USA, the purpose of a missile attack, the US and its allies on the objects associated with chemical weapons in Syria was “to show the world that the use of chemical weapons and the killing of innocent civilians is unacceptable”.

Heather Nauert reminded that the United States undertook many diplomatic efforts for several years, and in recent months: “We tried to involve the UN and the EU, we have had many conversations with our partners and allies around the world to draw attention to these disastrous games. Russia prevents this, and Bashar al-Assad continued to kill innocent civilians. “Enough” means “enough”, and the President has made that very clear, along with our allies – the British and the French.”

On the questions about how States respond to allegations that Russian violations of international law, Heather Nauert answered his question: “How about if Russia cared about the lives of innocent women and children? Russia continued to thwart all efforts in the UN efforts to bring Syria to justice. In 2013, Russia promised the world that it will help Syria get rid of its chemical weapons, but failed to do so. Russia became the guarantor of Syria – and this, too, has failed”.

The U.S. state Department spokesman also said that Russia is conducting a campaign of disinformation regarding the events in Syria: “They’re just lying and trying to twist this story – we have to note that many Russian trolls around the world are trying to turn the story on its head, but we know the facts – we, the British, the French, NATO. Syria is responsible for the fact that it is already too long do to his people, and in this she was supported by Russia and Iran.”

Heather Nauert abstained from trying to predict how in practice might look, the recognition by the United States of Russia’s complicity in the crimes of the regime of Bashar al-Assad: “I don’t want to get ahead about a great many actions that can be taken in the UN, but we talked about it (about the Russian involvement in the crimes of the Assad regime – HA) all the time. If you want to be a responsible member of the international community, then you should take responsibility and stop this.”