Herbert McMaster: Russia interfered in American elections, and the President is aware...

Herbert McMaster: Russia interfered in American elections, and the President is aware of that


Герберт Макмастер: Россия вмешивалась в американские выборы, и президент об этом осведомлен

In an interview with “Voice of America” adviser to the President of the United States national security, touched upon relations with Russia, situation in Iran and other parts of the world.

Advisor to the President of the United States National security, Lieutenant-General Herbert McMaster believes that it is necessary to find a way to counter the very advanced a new strategy that Russia has improved in many ways. According to the General, this new threat involves the use of disinformation, propaganda and social networking in order to divide society and set social groups against each other.

“We have dealt with the problem in our national security Strategy, because it is important for us to talk openly about what separates and unites us as a nation, our aspirations and values such as individual rights, rule of law and democracy,” said McMaster.

“The Russians were also active in Europe, – the General noted, and during the recent elections in France and on the Spanish referendum on the status of Catalonia. We’ve seen their activity in Mexico, attempts to provoke a coup in Montenegro. To pierce the veil of the Russian campaign of destabilization is an important first step that will allow all to see their true intentions, and, therefore, weaken their ability to sow insecurity in men and to set communities against each other”, – said the national security Adviser.

According to him, Russia still denies any involvement in such actions, but it does so less convincingly.

“These same people said: “No, we did not shoot down the airliner and killed all those people”; “No, our soldiers are not in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine”; “We do not support the Syrian regime responsible for the mass murder of its own citizens using chemical weapons”. Today these words have no faith,” – says McMaster.

According to the General, every Arab state should understand what Russia is doing in the middle East, namely, seeks to use the destructive activities of Iran, which is fueling a civil war in the region, arms and supports terrorist groups like Hezbollah. “For such support, Russia will have to pay a hefty price,” said McMaster.

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