Hong Kong startup Qtum has launched its own blockchain satellite

Hong Kong startup Qtum has launched its own blockchain satellite


Developers from company Qtum has created its own decentralized platform Qtum, combining transactional model Bitcoin and system for resolving conflicts in decisions from Ethereum. Recently, they launched the first satellite with a microcomputer on Board, which will soon launch the first node Qtum in space. Now the satellite went into orbit, gave the signal to Land, and expects a full launch.

The launch of the Chinese rocket CZ-2D with the satellite SpaceChain on Board took place on the evening of 2 February 2018. The satellite containing the microcomputer Raspberry Pi, which will soon earn a full node blockchain Qtum, began to enter orbit, feeding the test signals indicating it is operational and sending the ground station telemetry. Later, the satellite received the response from the Ground and began to prepare the antenna, battery and solar panel to work.

“The launch of SpaceChain was an important step towards the creation of a decentralized environment that can be advanced in industry, business and science,” said co-founder SpaceChain Jeff garzik’s.

It is very likely that the company is going to launch several satellites with their nodes in the future, but for now the developers are preparing to conduct a full test of all systems of her first child.

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