Houston: flood will be expanded

Houston: flood will be expanded


Хьюстон: наводнение будет расширятся

Southeast Texas flooded, the coming element is prepared in Louisiana

WASHINGTON – it is Expected that flood waters from tropical storm “Harvey” will be arriving in a few days. The violence of the disaster killed at least nine people in Texas, and tens of thousands were forced to leave their homes.

“Harvey” became the most powerful hurricane in Texas more than half a century. It made landfall Friday night near Corpus Christi, 354 kilometers South of Houston. But this was only the beginning: the national weather service issued numerous flood warnings in the region.

The President of the United States Donald trump is scheduled to visit Texas on Tuesday to assess the damage. Perhaps later he will visit Louisiana, where now the heavy rains caused by the storm.

Victims of “Harvey” began at least six people in Harris County, where Houston is located, said a spokesman for the County coroner’s Tricia Bentley. Among them, a man who died in a house fire Friday night, and an elderly woman, travelling on flooded roads the next day.

60-year-old woman was killed in neighboring Montgomery County. The local medical examiner, tweeted that a tree fell on her trailer while she was sleeping. Given missing, the number of dead could rise.

Both the main Houston airport is closed. Also closed most major highways, Railways, and the hospital where the weekend evacuated patients. As of Monday evening, 267 thousands of inhabitants of Texas were left without electricity.

According to the National weather service, the water level in one of the three main rivers of Houston, Brazos, reaches a maximum at 18 meters on Tuesday. It is expected that the river San Jacinto will cover highway 10 traffic artery passing through Houston from East to West.

While stunned residents surveyed the destroyed house, and the roads were filled with debris and waste, Texas Governor Greg Abbott urged residents of Houston is preparing for a long recovery.

“We must recognize that everyday life throughout the region will be quite different”, – he said.

It is expected that “Harvey” will stay on the Texas coast for a few days, adding another 25 to 50 inches of precipitation. The threat of flooding spreads to Louisiana.

Picture of the destruction brings to mind the effects of hurricane Katrina in 2005. Police and the Coast guard managed to save at least 2 thousand people. Some of them were evacuated by helicopter. Authorities urged people who remained in the flooded houses, hang towels or sheets to attract the attention of rescuers.

Center “Harvey” is located approximately 160 kilometres South of Houston and is expected to be slow to move to the city until Wednesday. The most serious flooding is expected later in the day on Thursday.

In a Large Houston, home to 6.8 million people, closed schools and office buildings. The water level in some areas exceeds the meter.

City officials said that as of Monday morning, about 5,500 people were in shelters. The Director of the Federal emergency management Agency Brock long suggested that, in the end, about 30 thousand people will find temporary homes in shelters