Houston: tropical rains do not stop

Houston: tropical rains do not stop


Хьюстон: тропические ливни не прекращаются

In addition to Texas, trump declared disaster area, a number of neighboring districts of Louisiana

On Houston the fourth largest city in the United States on Monday hit a new tropical storms. Meanwhile, rescuers try to help thousands of residents affected by severe flooding.

Under forecasts of weather forecasters, the hurricane “Harvey”, made landfall on Friday evening, will bring in the neighborhood of Houston is still up to 25 cm of rainfall, and the environment can increase from 40 to 60 cm In some areas have dropped up to 60 inches of rain.

“Although the force of the wind decreased, I want to emphasize that the danger has not passed, – said Deputy Secretary Elaine Duke. – The situation is far from safe. “Harvey” is still dangerous and historic storm.” She added that the water level in rivers in South Texas will reach a peak only later this week.

“At the moment we are focusing on rescue operations and recovery operations will move later this week. But today we are seriously concerned about the fate of the residents of Houston and surrounding areas, who were in distress and in urgent need of assistance. People need help and we work hard to provide,” added Duke.

The head of the Federal administration for emergency situations Brock long said: “According to our forecasts, more than 30,000 people are temporarily housed in shelters to stabilize the situation and provide assistance. We are also ready to distribute the supplies and are already doing it.”

“I urge all citizens not to remain in the party,” he added.

The head of the Coast guard, Paul Zukunft said that the rescue checked with Google maps to understand where the calls for help. “We want to save lives,” he said.

The US President Donald trump, on Tuesday planning to visit Texas, has already declared the state a disaster area, which will allow you to get help from the national government. On Monday, the disaster area was also declared some areas of neighboring Louisiana.

Emergency service said on Monday that they intend as soon as possible to pull in Texas Federal resources to help the flood-affected residents. According to rough estimates, the need to help more than 450,000 people.

Signed on Monday the decree of the President about introduction of state of emergency in Louisiana directs the coordination of care Department of homeland security and Federal emergency management. According to a White house statement, this will help to “alleviate the suffering inflicted on the local population, and to provide the necessary help in taking the required emergency measures” and “to save lives and to protect property, health and safety of citizens by reducing or preventing the threat of catastrophe” in some areas.