How does it work? | Introscope

How does it work? | Introscope


Introscope is a special x-ray device allowing for the study of internal structure of object and processes without having to open. The endoscopes are widely used for inspection of personal belongings at airports, railway stations and metro stations. Currently there are many types of imaging, but the most popular is the use of rentina because of the convenience and relative simplicity. In this case, a so-called x-ray diffraction — diffraction due to the dispersion of radiation creates a projection of the internal structure of the object. So, how does introscope — this is in the news today!

The principle of operation of modern introscope is quite simple. Luggage or other inspected object moving on the conveyor and, once inside the tunnel introscope, is irradiated with x-ray tube with a certain angle: top, bottom or side on the basis of the design features of the device. Depending on the thickness and material of the object lost part of radiation energy. Residual energy is recorded by special detectors and converted into electrical signals which are processed in the processor unit. The more dense the Luggage, the less radiation gets to the detector. In the end, the introscope generates a projection of the inspected object, which reflects its internal structure. The thicker the object, the darker it turns out in the final image.

Analysis of the loss of x-ray radiation at different energy levels allows introscope to determine the materials of objects on the effective atomic number, dividing them into three groups: organic, inorganic and intermediate. Thus, depending on the material they are displayed on the monitor in yellow, blue or green color, respectively.

With the advancement of technology the size of the detectors decrease. This allows to increase the number of introscope and improve the quality of the received image.

Currently, there are Multiview introscope, which generate images of multiple planes simultaneously and show on the monitor of the object from different angles. This greatly enhances the quality and effectiveness of inspection. There are also endoscopes, able in addition to atomic mass to calculate precisely the density of each individual object Luggage. It allows to detect liquid and solid explosives.

It should be noted that the introscope safe to inspect objects, since the energy emitting x-ray tubes is small, and ranges from 100 to 160 Kev. It’s not enough to harm inanimate objects or food. As for the people nearby, the body of the introscope protects them from radiation. The only place where radiation can go outside is input and output blinds. They are made of special polymer with the addition of heavy metals, particularly lead, and a fairly good radiation shield. But at the moment of passing through them Luggage they open, the part of the radiation comes out. Therefore it is not necessary to climb inside of introscope to quickly pick up my suitcase.