How to buy games gadgets two times cheaper

How to buy games gadgets two times cheaper


Among our readers it is very popular game themes, so the site regularly published reviews of new products in the industry. Fit games on console and PC in recent years become more, so even those who a few years ago watched in disbelief in the direction of gaming, preferring fps on mobile devices, now collect yourself computers for gaming or buy a console (before the New year is especially profitable). But only one device is limited not work: we need a keyboard, mouse, headsets, but if we are talking about the computer, the more monitor and a powerful graphics card.

We took the liberty to make a small selection of appropriate accessories and was not too pleasantly surprised the Russian prices. Even with the holiday sales, many devices are in the Russian Federation is much more expensive than those in American stores such as therefore order in the US is much more profitable. In addition, the partner service Qwintry, neatly delivered to your door almost any product, whether it’s a gaming keyboard or a new graphics card.

Take for example a gaming headset HyperX Cloud’s Revolver with an external microphone and a remote control. Gaming guru to introduce it is not necessary, because the eSports tournaments often use this device. In Russia, the official price of Cloud’s Revolver is 11 990 rubles, while in the us Amazon it can be found much cheaper — about 6 500 rubles in ruble equivalent.

Almost 4 000, you can save money when buying a gaming keyboard SteelSeries Apex M800, if you buy it on sale at Newegg. Specially designed switches allow to move quickly on the keyboard, and the device is equipped with special settings for gaming purpose and supports the function of simultaneous pressing of keys 256.

Almost two times cheaper on Amazon you can buy a gaming mouse — for example, Razer Ouroboros — 5 500 in the U.S. against 10 000 rubles in Russia. This mouse can work both wirelessly and wired, offers fully customizable ergonomics and fit for any hand size. The accuracy is achieved by using the laser sensor of the fourth generation, and the ability to adjust the height of the separation of mouse from the surface. Well, without adjusting the DPI depending on the game situation didn’t do.

If you play on a PC, without a good gaming monitor, of course, can not do. And here is one of the best options is the ASUS ROG PG279Q with a 27-inch screen IPS-matrix with a resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels. Rear posted special ventilation holes, necessary at the update frequency 165 Hz. To pay for this monitor 60-65 thousand rubles (as he asked in Russia) is not necessary, if you order it at Newegg for the price of 42 — 43 000 rubles.

Those who self-assemble a gaming PC, useful life hack in the form of purchase graphics cards and other components in American stores. EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti PCI-E B06Y11DFZ3, for example, will cost about 46 000 (Destiny 2 give as a gift), while in Russia it is not less than 65 000. Besides, if games get bored to use a “piece of metal” and for other purposes. Important — when ordering a graphics card always check or ask about availability of notification to do so here.

Finally, once again turn our attention to the cool bundle from virtual reality helmet VR and PlayStation camera you can buy for the dollar 281 instead of the usual $ 400. Hooked up to their console, and you can drive on the track first-person or to participate in shuternyh battles.

Again, how to deliver the purchased gaming devices and accessories from USA to Russia. Registered in mail-order, then it will provide you with a us address (which in fact is the address of the warehouse for our services), which must be entered when ordering the goods in the column “Shipping address”. Pay for your order at the website store any credit card and after 1-2 weeks you will receive the coveted gadget. Many gaming devices on Amazon, Newegg and other us stores are now available with good discounts, come and choose the right.

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