How to make a unique accessory for your smartphone

How to make a unique accessory for your smartphone


Give favorite smartphone of individuality is now easier than ever accessories on the market very much, do not want to choose. However, the usual case, ordered from China, now no surprise, therefore, manufacturers offer not just a set of standard accessories as a way to create such a cover, which will not be none. They specializiruetsya and well-known company Glueskin.

However, apart from the usual leather and wood covers, Glueskin is engaged in the production of the original stickers made of leather and wood. A large variety of colors, from standard black and brown to green and red, while depending on different skin and texture.

What else stands out by the manufacturer, so it’s range of supported devices. If you have iPhone 5, Redmi 3S, Nubia Z11 or even the MacBook Pro — for any smartphone, tablet or computer, make sure there is a sticker (and sometimes more). The quality of performance does not depend on the model, so even for a budget smartphone you will receive a premium accessory that is not ashamed to wear even on the iPhone X.

Included with each label comes a set for her “installation”: you can do without it, but still nice.

What is the individuality, you may ask, because nothing prevents someone else to buy the same sticker as you, and place it on your smartphone? This is true, although the likelihood that you will meet such a person tends to zero. But for those who want to create a truly unique accessory, Glueskin offers a variety of the accessories your design — for example, to apply a favorite superhero, your company logo, inscription and any other symbols.

This can be done both on the covers and the labels made of leather, and wood. In the second case, the application is a laser engraved, and the skin is even more interesting options – embroidery or embossing. So, you can apply the same emblem of the “spider-Man” and any other sign, until the imprint of the paw of your cat.

As we have seen, master engraved and embossed very high quality, so it’s a great way to breathe new life into the design of the smartphone. By the way, at the moment there is a special offer with discount up to 25% when you pay on the website Glueskin, all information, including the purchase of accessories in installments, is available at the link below.

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