HP has introduced a powerful notebook OMEN X. Price

HP has introduced a powerful notebook OMEN X. Price


HP Inc. introduced its most powerful gaming notebook OMEN X by HP. It was created for gamers and eSports athletes who need extreme performance. The new laptop has a spectacular design and cooling system, which allows you to overclock процессоры5 and other PC components to their limits, allowing you to play at maximum graphics settings in any game, without sacrificing Framatom.

The most experienced gamers for the ultimate frame rate and responsiveness when your battles requires the performance of a desktop gaming PC “chained” in the body of the notubuk. Studying the history of the victories of the world’s best kibersportsmen, HP has created a laptop that meets these high requirements. OMEN X by HP combines high quality components, advanced cooling system, faster screen response speed, fully customizable mechanical keyboard and software tools that allow players to use the maximum hardware capabilities of Omen X.

“ESports is growing rapidly, and we are very pleased popularity product family HP OMEN, noted Anne-Sophie Hedberg (Anne-Sophie Hadberg), head of unit, consumer personal systems, HP EMEA. — Notebook OMEN X we used innovative solutions to improve performance and improve the design as well as customization possibilities. All this will allow players to achieve the necessary competitive advantage over rivals”.

Modern eSports tournaments require top speeds of the graphics and CPU systems PC, so HP has equipped the laptop OMEN X innovative technology and customization capabilities.

Provides a control center OMEN to configure the hardware for maximum performance with control over the overclocking of the CPU, to optimize traffic using network accelerator to reduce latency in network games and set up the system of indicators for convenient control in games.

Intel Intel Core i7 overclocking, XMP settings to overclock the memory and tested the memory profiles up to DDR4-2800, inclusive, overclocked graphics cards up to GeForce GTX 1080 are suitable for dynamic or multiplayer games in 4K resolution.

A RAID0 SSD for ultra fast boot and games, data storage system PCIe SSD+HDD for quick response and large storage capacity.

Cooling system allows to achieve the performance of the equipment above the factory options and includes reinforced fan and the evaporating chamber is integrated with four heat pipes with a diameter of 3.5 mm for improved heat dissipation from the CPU and graphics cards to the four radiators on the rear wall of the housing.

HP optimized laptop OMEN X to support virtual reality and added the possibility to limit the impact of external distractions. Mechanical keyboard with an RGB backlight on the basis of mechanical switches with a 2.5 mm key travel and tactile sensations, which ensures instant response and comfort under high gaming loads.

Customizable RGB backlit keys, programmable macro keys, the ability to press unlimited number of keys and the recognition of fictitious clicks.

The 17-inch screen with 4K resolution for games with high resolution or screen resolution of 1080p and a refresh rate of 120 Hz for smooth visual effects. Screen (available in Full HD and Ultra HD, depending on configuration) supports G-Sync, which eliminates image jitter.

The decision of the DTS Headphone:X for the simulation of ambient sounds when using any headphone, high quality sound built-in dual speakers, HP speaker system from Bang & Olufsen. HP Audio Boost for high-quality audio playback without overloading the speakers.

Translucent window allows you to see the inner laptop components, custom lighting and aluminium finish create an elegant appearance, which can be configured individually.

To provide players a strong advantage, the laptop is OMEN X extensible for easy system update or replacement of components. Single panel access to drives and RAM, providing easy access to all replaceable components. A rich selection of ports supporting up to four external screens. Connection to various gaming accessories: 3 port USB 3.0 type A, 2 ports USB 3.1 Type-C, certified for Thunderbolt 3, HDMI 2.0 a with HDR support, Mini DisplayPort, RJ45 and multi card reader memory. Dual audio with a separate MIC and headset connectors (input/output) to support the latest gaming headsets or external speakers.

Laptop 17 OMEN will be available in Russia in November 2017 at a price of RUB 184990