Human rights activists refused to speak at a ceremony with President trump

Human rights activists refused to speak at a ceremony with President trump


Правозащитники отказались выступать на одной церемонии с президентом Трампом

The US President took part in the opening ceremony of the Museum of the struggle for civil liberties

The US President Donald trump said Saturday that he is “delighted” with the opening of the Museum dedicated to the struggle of the Americans for civil rights in Jackson, Mississippi. In his speech at the ceremony the President said that as an example for all citizens of the country should serve the activities of such leaders of the civil rights movement like Martin Luther king and Medgar Evers.

The Museum features exhibits depicting the struggle of activists for civil rights in the Southern United States from 1945 to 1976. In addition to photographs, personal items and artifacts related to the activities of defenders are also items related to the activities of the Ku Klux Klan and other extremist groups.

Some human rights activists, invited to the opening ceremony of the Museum, refused to participate, citing the fact that you can’t be on the same podium with the President of the United States. Recognized as a fighter for minority rights, Congressman John Lewis before formally rejected the invitation of the organizers, explaining that, in his opinion, the statements of Donald trump promote the growth of racial intolerance in the country.

“The presence of the President of trump and his policies are an insult to people whose activities dedicated to the Museum of the struggle for civil rights, the statement says Lewis. – Irresponsible trump statements about women, people with disabilities, immigrants, the players of the National football League in disregard of activities… (civil rights), who gave everything to make Mississippi a better place.”

77-year-old Lewis worked with Martin Luther king, led the famous March for civil rights in Selma in 1963, spoke at the “March on Washington”. In the past 20 years, he represents Georgia in the U.S. Congress.

The White house’s refusal to Congressman Lewis from participation in the ceremony called a “sad decision.”

“President trump has always condemned racism, violence and hatred in any form, – said the official representative of the administration, Raj Shah. – We insist on it.”

The US President arrived in Mississippi on Saturday specifically to take part in the opening of the Museum.

He stated that he “really appreciated” the creators of the Museum exhibition, stressing that such leaders of the movement like Martin Luther king inspired Americans to fight for their civil rights.

“We are doing everything to be worthy of the sacrifices they brought,” said trump.