Human rights activists said torture against detainees at a rally in Moscow

Human rights activists said torture against detainees at a rally in Moscow


Photo: Anton Sergienko / RBC

Detained at the rally against corruption in Moscow was tortured by overcrowded cells and deprived of food and water. This was stated by human rights activists to check the conditions of detention in OMVD

Detained on Sunday, March 26, during the anti-corruption rally in Moscow, subjected to torture and inhuman treatment in the Metropolitan police. About this on his page in Facebook said the founder of the portal Mr Seckin.

He said that on March 27, OMVD on area Metrogorodok visited the first Deputy Chairman of the Public oversight Commission (POC) of Moscow and the expert eve Markachev. During the audit of conditions of detention it was revealed that they were placed in the notoriously overcrowded cells, without providing individual sleeping place and bedding. In addition, detainees do not provide drinking water and food, not walks.

The Seckin also said that due to the fact that the actions of officials are a flagrant violation of requirements of part 2 of article 21 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation and article 3 of the European Convention on human rights, as well as signs of the crimes provided by articles 285, 286, 292, 301УК of the Russian Federation, he asked the Prosecutor of Moscow to Vladimir, with the request to urgently conduct a Prosecutor’s check.

“In fact, detainees are subject to torture by sleep deprivation, diet, drinking water (people have to sleep in shifts for a couple of hours, some have to sleep on the floor)”, — is spoken in the statement published on the website

The document notes that the ten detainees — Alexei changers, brothers Denis and Roman Pinevich, Vitaly Kolkotova, Michael Medovikov, Pavel Marchenko, Alexei Oluwalana, Ilya Kaloshina, Roman Demyanenko and Maxim Sugrobov — placed in two chambers: one to four people in two beds, the other six people with two sleeping places. While the cameras did not work ventilation and air flow calculated on the content in each compartment for two people maximum. In addition, the detainees complained that the detention had not been issued for more than six hours from the moment of actual detention.

A member of the PMC of Moscow Dmitry Piskunov told RBC that in the near future, members plan to conduct inspections of other capital OMVD where detained at the rally. “After a member of the PMC eve Markachev visited OMVD the district Metrogorodok and revealed the facts of abuse, we decided to soon visit checking OMVD “Lefortovo” and OMVD the district Preobrazhensky,” said Piskunov.

The Commissioner for human rights in Moscow Tatyana Potyaeva RBC reported that he had contacted the representatives of OMVD on area Metrogorodok. “We have read, what I wrote eve Markachev, and contacted by the head of the OMVD. He told me that the moment the cameras no one contains all released,” she said. However, according to Putevoy, at the moment it is a request to the Moscow Prosecutor’s office and chief GU MVD of Russia in Moscow Oleg Baranov requested to check the information about the violation of the conditions of detention referred to by the representative of the PMC in Moscow.

The Committee for the prevention of torture official detained at unauthorized rallies have been reported yet, said the lawyer of the Moscow branch of human rights organization Anastasiya Garina. “We received calls on this topic, people consulted, but so far no official statements in the Committee had not filed for a particular use is not addressed,” she said.

According to the lawyer, she was aware that members of the PMC are going to visit a number of ATS in the capital to check reports of violations against detainees.

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In a press-service of Federal service of execution of punishments (FSIN) of Russia, RBC said, I can’t comment on the defenders of torture of detainees in unauthorized rallies on 26 March, because in prisons there is not one of them. “All of them are in institutions of the interior Ministry of Russia, in our none of those detained there,” — said the press service.