Human rights defenders equal rights

Human rights defenders equal rights


Public observation of the Commission may be entitled to additional recruitment

Photo: urban news Agency “Moscow”Andrey Lyubimov

Public observation Commission (POC) controlling the observance of human rights in places of detention in the regions may be eligible for additional recruitment under the new scheme. According to “Izvestia”, the bill, introduced first Deputy Chairman of Committee on development of civil society by Dmitry Vyatkin (“United Russia”), may be adopted by the state Duma in the first half of April.

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As reported by “Izvestia” Dmitry Vyatkin, the document reflects the consolidated position of the Public chamber (OP) of the Russian Federation, the presidential Council on human rights (HRC) and the Ombudsman for human rights who had to sit at the negotiating table after the orders of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Amendments to the law “On public control over ensuring human rights in places of detention and about assistance to persons in places of detention” was submitted to the Duma in mid-February of this year. Innovations will give PMC the right to recruit your new members. The decision to extend can take OP on its own initiative, at the suggestion of the Ombudsman, the Council of human rights or the PMC, and in the case of collective treatment for at least three public associations having the right to nominate such candidates.

Current law also allows the Council of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation to increase the membership of the PMC in the range from 5 to 40 people, however, does not define the procedure for additional nominations.

— I think in the first week (of April) we will take it in the first reading, then there will be another 30-day delivery (project). We objectively need to meet the deadline. Mid — may- will leave for the third reading, — told “Izvestia”Dmitry Vyatkin.

In January 2017 Vladimir Putin has given the Commission OP of the Russian Federation, the HRC and the Commissioner for human rights, “to analyze the efficiency of the mechanism of the formation of public monitoring commissions, formed in the regions”. In December last year at a meeting with the President in the Kremlin members of the HRC Lyudmila Alekseeva and Elena masuk criticized the existing procedure for the formation of the PMC, and also pointed to the subjective approach of the Public chamber in the election of members of the regional commissions.

As a result, according to human rights activists, many of those who worked in the PMC before, last fall, was not included in the new composition. And in some regions of the new Commission was too small.

A member of the HRC Andrei Babushkin told “Izvestia” that supports the bill, since the formation of the PMC, the Public chamber does not always understand how active will the new people.

— May be a situation that will appoint 10 persons and they will all be so active to solve the tasks of the Commission. And can be assigned 20 people, of which three are active and five are relatively active, and the rest in ballast, and nothing would do, — said Andrey Babushkin.

The defender also proposed for the second reading to consider amendments that would fix the powers of the members of the POC elected by the order extend, for a period of three years. Now, under the bill, the time of their work coincides with the term of office colleagues in the PMC. If extend was carried out shortly before expiration of the term of office of the existing members of the PMC, the “recruits” might not actually be time for any activity.

According to a member of the HRC that did not appear last fall, the composition of the PMC human rights defenders in the case of the adoption of the bill will be able to participate in the extend.

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