Human rights organizations have challenged in court the ban on military service...

Human rights organizations have challenged in court the ban on military service for transgender people


Правозащитные организации оспорят в суде запрет на военную службу для трансгендеров

The ban was initiated by the President of the United States Donald trump

Two organizations for civil rights on Monday filed lawsuits against the ban on military service for transgender people, imposed by US President Donald trump.

The lawsuits alleged that the ban, initiated by trump in July, violates the Fifth amendment of the Constitution, which guarantees equal protection and due process.

“President trump rejected simply based on evidence a policy of open service, replacing its discredited myths and stereotypes, unfounded rumors and hostility towards transgender people”, – stated in the text of the claim of the American Union of civil liberties (ACLU).

On Friday, the administration trump sent to the Ministry of defense decree on the introduction of the ban.

This policy will give the Pentagon the ability to pay people from military service on the basis of the standard under which they can be sent to a war zone or take part in other missions. It is also prohibited to take into the armed forces recruits-transgender and to allocate funding for medical services related to gender transition for transgender people has already been made in the armed forces.

As trump said on Twitter that his decision is due to the fact that “the service of transgender people in the armed forces entails huge medical expenses and violation of the order”.

The year before under former President Barack Obama, the Pentagon announced that transgenders can openly serve in the armed forces.