Hurricane Harvey” back in Texas

Hurricane Harvey” back in Texas


Ураган Харви» вернулся в Техас

Forecasters predict that the storm will weaken as it moves to the East

Hurricane “Harvey” that caused severe flooding in Houston and forced thousands of people to flee their homes on Wednesday once again hit the state of Texas, moving East and bringing rains in neighboring Louisiana.

However, the national hurricane center predicts that the storm will gradually weaken, moving inland away from Houston, where an unknown number of people still can’t get out of the houses, surrounded by muddy waters-deep zone.

The wind speed is still about 75 km/h, and the acting Minister of internal security Elaine Duke warned that in the coming days, even after a record rainfall, probably “catastrophic flooding”.

“We expect that Texas will recover for many years, and the Federal government will participate in this on a long term basis,” she said.

The head of the Federal emergency management assistance Brock long said: “While we are still in the mode of saving lives.”

According to long, 30 000 people were resettled in over 230 temporary shelters, and another 1 800 resettled in hotels. More than 20,000 people have applied for government assistance. The head of the Coast guard, Paul Zukunft said that the operators receive thousands of calls for help per hour.

The US President Donald trump on Tuesday called for Texas, commenting on the report about the rescue operations. On Wednesday he wrote on Twitter: “Seeing with their own eyes the horror and devastation caused by hurricane “Harvey”, I further empathize with the brave people of Texas!”

However, the President and the first lady Melania trump did not go in Houston, suffered most from the floods, so as not to interfere with rescue operations in the fourth largest city in the United States. They met with representatives of the emergency services in the other two cities.

As stated in the White house, trump is planning to re-visit Texas on Saturday to once again assess the impact of the largest for ten years of storm in the U.S., and this time can come to Houston. As expected, the storm damage will amount to tens of billions of dollars.