Hyundai will provide workers with backpacks exoskeletons

Hyundai will provide workers with backpacks exoskeletons


Hyundai has created a compact exoskeleton capable of 30-40 percent to reduce the burden on the backs of people who do the heavy work. Already this year, developed by engineers at exoskeletons will be at the disposal of workers of a factory Hyundai by the end of 2018.

According to a Hyundai research after lunch people whose work involves heavy loads, work for thirty percent less efficient than in the morning. But their counterparts who wear it throughout the working day exoskeletons that support the knees and back, on the contrary, continue to work effectively and less tired.

Exoskeletons help to reduce labor costs, increase productivity, and in the future can help to reduce factories the number of workers whose activity is connected with heavy physical labor. Use of the support Robertshaw and reduces the likelihood of work-related injuries, which is also important. Hyundai has been developing exoskeletons since 2010, and in a year or two plan to establish mass production to satisfy the demand of everyone.

In addition to Hyundai, in South Korea, one of the manufacturers machines leading such developments, but the carmaker Ford also creates something similar. American exoskeleton is intended not only to help the user better cope with heavy lifting, but should help people on the Assembly line, long forced to work with his head thrown back and arms raised, it is easier to cope with stress.