I suspect Facebook users

I suspect Facebook users


Пользователи подозревают Facebook

Users of social networks concerned with the function of automatic image recognition

According to the statement of several consumer groups, supported a non-profit organization “Center for privacy of electronic information” (Electronic Privacy Information Center), the Corporation Facebook violates the privacy rights of its users using software for facial recognition.

The complaint, filed to the Federal trade Commission USA, said that the Corporation “without the consent of the users scans the pictures for recognition of the images on these people.”

The complaint States that Facebook is constantly working on the improvement of face recognition system, to encourage users to identify people in the photos.

Users claim that the function of image recognition could be abused by authoritarian governments, and this is a serious argument in the case if Facebook will be obliged to provide user information to foreign governments.

The complaint is another in a series of cases of privacy investigated by the Federal trade Commission, including charges associated with obtaining the consulting firm Cambridge Analytica personal data 87 million users of Facebook.

Next week the founder and head of Facebook mark Zuckerberg must testify in the U.S. Congress.