“If the citizens hold meetings and do not violate the law, it...

“If the citizens hold meetings and do not violate the law, it is their right”


The speaker answered the question of European colleagues about the unauthorized action in Moscow

Photo: NEWS/Paul Poor

Speaker of the state Duma Vyacheslav Volodin did not comment during the meeting with the President of the OSCE parliamentary Assembly, Christine Muttonen the essence of unauthorized protests, which were held in Russia on March 26. According to the speaker, all mass events that are conducted in compliance with the requirements of the law, held in Russia regularly and without incident. And in cases when an unauthorized action is suppressed by the police, the law enforcement are softer than their European counterparts.

Meeting with Muttonen was held in the framework of CSTO PA, which take place March 26-27 in Saint-Petersburg. Addressing the speaker of the state Duma, the head of the OSCE PA asked what caused a series of unsanctioned protests on March 26.

— Tell us about the reasons for the demonstrations, she asked. — We don’t really know the situation.

Earlier Volodin told a European colleague about the situation in Kiev, where citizens of Ukraine have bricked up the entrance to the Russian branch of Sberbank, protesting against his presence in the Ukrainian capital. Question Muttonen about the meetings the speaker was perceived as an attempt to change the subject.

— We started the conversation with, employees of Russian banks bricked, — said Volodin. — This has not happened in Donetsk and in Kiev, and we appealed to the OSCE PA, as it was about banks relevant for Russia. We leave this topic and go to the subject of rallies on the streets.

Volodin has reminded the European counterpart that the meetings “are held in the United States and in European countries” and the reasons for them may be different.

— If citizens can hold meetings and do not violate the law, it is their right, — he stressed. But when citizens ‘ rights are violated when they are put into buildings is a different rating, and no need to replace meetings.

The speaker stressed that the mass events held in Russia under the law, are quite often without any problems.

— They are held almost every week, but it should be according to the law — the law allows you to do this without incident, he said. — If to speak about Russian law enforcers, they are more correct than the European one, which used water cannons, gas and rubber bullets to disperse.

In response to Christine Muttonen Volodin assured that the representatives of the OSCE PA not to avoid discussions on the situation with Russian banks in Ukraine.

Interest in the European parliamentarians ‘ action was not coordinated with the authorities, as a result, about 600 of its participants were detained and delivered in OVD.

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