If the President of the “nuclear button”?

If the President of the “nuclear button”?


Есть ли у президента «ядерная кнопка»?

For giving the order to use nuclear weapons presidents of the United States use “soccer ball”

The President of the United States Donald trump is in response to the threat of North Korean leader Kim Jong-UN, who said that in “his Desk is at all times the nuclear button” – tweeted that he also has the “nuclear button” which is “more” and “more powerful”. In fact, there is no “nuclear button” does not exist.

Every state that possesses nuclear weapons, has its own system of procedures for giving the order for nuclear strike, however, in most cases it is required that the head of state identified before you give a command.

In the U.S., this process of secret and difficult part of it is the device, which is called “football”, which carries a group of officers, constantly following the President (in Russia used the name “nuclear suitcase”).

This device is called a “soccer ball” because it was developed by the Pentagon in the early 1960s, a nuclear war plan, called Dropkick – putting the ball in the game of American football. The first “soccer ball” appeared in 1963 year.

A device that allows you to quickly and accurately identify the personality of the President, who makes the decision on nuclear strike. In addition, the “football” are a means of special communication and instruction of the various military plans, including lists of potential targets for nuclear forces of the United States.

If the President, Donald trump decides to order a nuclear strike, he will have to undergo a process of identification with special codes, which are recorded on a special card (“biscuit”), which he carries with him all the time. The President shall transmit the order of a nuclear attack in the U.S. Department of defense (located in Virginia, close to Washington), and US Strategic command (based in Nebraska, on the North-West of the country).

For giving the order to use nuclear weapons, the President should obtain prior approval of Congress or the armed forces command.