In 2017, the US GDP grew by 2.3%

In 2017, the US GDP grew by 2.3%


В 2017 году ВВП США вырос на 2,3%

However, in the last quarter of the year, the growth rate slowed down

In the fourth quarter of 2017, the rate of US economic growth unexpectedly slowed. The reason was the increase in consumer spending, which has led to the growth of imports.

The U.S. Department of Commerce reported that in the fourth quarter of last year GDP growth was 2.6%, slightly less than in the third quarter to 3.2%

Earlier, the President, Donald trump declared that he believes his goal is the U.S. GDP growth of 3% per year.

In 2017, this figure was 2.3%, considerably more than in 2016-m (1.5%). However, significantly increased volumes of imports, which demonstrates that American manufacturers do not have the capacity to meet the growing demand.