In a report to Congress trump will talk about the “return” of...

In a report to Congress trump will talk about the “return” of America


В докладе Конгрессу Трамп будет говорить о «возвращении» Америки

It is expected that the President will urge Republicans and Democrats to work together on the restoration of the infrastructure

In an effort to emerge from the shadows of the “Russian investigation”, the President of the United States, Donald trump intends to use its first report “the state of Affairs in the country” to focus on when it achieved economic success and to call for the cooperation of Republicans and Democrats in areas such as rebuilding roads and bridges.

The white house said Sunday that in his address to Congress and the country on Tuesday, the President will celebrate the economic recovery and reducing unemployment in his first year in office, also benefited from the tax reform.

The staff of the White house say that trump, who during the weekend left the White house to prepare for the speech is likely to abandon its hawkish tone in favor of the idea of compromise and cooperation between the two parties.

“The President will talk about how America returned, – said the Director of the White house on legislative matters mark Shorts. – The President will turn to Democrats and say that we need to rebuild the country. I will say that for the reconstruction of infrastructure requires the cooperation of both parties.”

Short said that trump will urge Democrats to support the additional military spending in light of the “serious threats on the world stage”.

The White house announced that the theme for the annual appeal will be “building safe, strong and proud America,” and that trump wants to show what he managed to achieve in the first year and set the tone for the second.

While trump is looking to the future, spectracolor Robert Mueller continues to investigate possible obstruction of justice and possible relations headquarters of the trump with the Russian intervention in the elections of 2016.

Investigation often distracts attention from the statements of the President. For example, the speech trump to representatives of financial circles and world leaders in Davos, Switzerland last week followed reports that in June he demanded of the General counsel of the White house to fire Muller, but was withdrawn when the lawyer threatened to resign. Trump called the reports “fake news.”

On the political front, the sphere of collision of trump and of the Congress was the immigration policy. In his speech Tuesday the President intends to speak about his proposal to allocate $ 25 billion for the construction of a wall on the border with Mexico and the possibility of obtaining American citizenship for the approximately two million young people who were brought to the U.S. illegally in childhood.

The trump plan provides for the allocation of billions of dollars to strengthen border security and significant changes to the rules of legal immigration, which has long insisted the hardliners inside the Republican party. However, some conservatives warn that the agreement would be tantamount to “Amnesty” for young immigrants called “dreamers.” Many Democrats and immigration activists have directly stated his disagreement with him.

“I think we all understand that this will require a compromise that we could achieve something and to protect “dreamers” that is certainly my goal,” said Senator Susan Collins. But, I think the President is also right when he talks about border security, and we need to strengthen border security”.

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin called trump’s proposal a “good starting point”.

“Let’s see if we can agree with him, or we need to make adjustments, something to hold negotiations”, – he said.

One of the objectives of trump is to set the tone for the debate before the midterm Congressional elections in which Republicans want to maintain their majority. It is expected that he will say that the tax reform will promote economic growth and will point to the company that paid its employees bonuses of one thousand dollars, and provided other benefits.

Trump plans to broadly outline a plan worth 2 trillion dollars that will be spent on roads, bridges and other civil engineering projects. In the administration believe that the amount of co-financing of this plan from public and private sources will amount to a trillion dollars.

Casacas to trade, trump will emphasize their preference for bilateral agreements instead of multilateral, based on his speech at the world economic forum in Switzerland.

He will also speak about the current situation in the fight against terrorism and will present a vision of international threats, including North Korea.

Senior administration, representing a preliminary review of the speech, trump said that the President will probably avoid such phrases as “Little rocket” (Kim Jong UN) or “fire and fury” that he used earlier. The administration official spoke on condition of anonymity because was not authorized to make public statements.

The appeal will take place at a critical moment for the President. He has to work in low ratings and to overcome the effects of the partial suspension of the work of the government, which coincided with the first anniversary of his inauguration. He is also preparing for a grueling campaign before the midterm Congressional elections, which stumbled many presidents in their first term.

After the speech to Congress, trump is not likely to tour the country to advertise their initiatives. On Thursday, he is scheduled to speak at an informal meeting of Republican members of Congress, to be held in West Virginia.

Vice-President Mike Pence on Wednesday will attend the event in West Virginia dedicated to tax reform, will speak at a Republican lawmakers later in the day. On Friday, the Pens will take part in several events in Pittsburgh.

The shorts were made by the Sunday program on the Fox News channel in the program “face the nation” on CBS. Collins played in the “state of the Union” on CNN, and Manchin programs “the situation in the country” (CNN) and “Meet the press” on NBC.