In Afghanistan killed the American soldier

In Afghanistan killed the American soldier


В Афганистане погиб американский военнослужащий

During clashes in Nangarhar province, also wounded four us troops

One American soldier was killed and four were injured during clashes in Nangarhar province in Eastern Afghanistan, said a Pentagon spokesman.

The incident occurred on Monday, January 1, in the County Hachn Nangarhar province, said in a statement. Two of the wounded were hospitalized and are in stable condition.

Bordering Pakistan, Nangarhar has turned into one of the mainstays of the group “Islamic state”. In Nangarhar occur regularly clashes between Taliban militants and the “Islamic state”. Both groups are exposed to air strikes by the US.

The exact nature of the relationship between the Taliban and ISIS are unclear. In Afghanistan there were certain incidents when the militants of these groups appeared to act in unison.

Currently in Afghanistan stationed about 14 thousand American soldiers that are part of the new strategy of the President of trump can support the Afghan army at the battalion level, potentially putting them at greater risk.