In Brooklyn, the trial of top managers of FIFA

In Brooklyn, the trial of top managers of FIFA


В Бруклине начался суд над топ-менеджерами ФИФА

According to the prosecution, the leaders of FIFA participated in corruption schemes $ 200 million

Today in new York, the trial began on charges of corruption and money laundering in FIFA – the international football Federation. Two and a half years ago charges were brought against a 42-m top managers of FIFA and three companies. According to these charges, for 25 years of activity they enriched for 200 million dollars.

Today the prosecution and the defence advocate in a courtroom for the first time. Recently was completed the process of jury selection, which lasted several weeks. In the course of selection was considered 200 people. Today there appeared before the court three of the top Manager FIFA: this is the last of the defendants in the United States and did not admit his guilt. This is Jose Maria Marin, 85-year-old former President of the Football Association of Brazil, the 59-year-old Juan angel Napout, former Vice-President of FIFA, and 59-year-old Manuel Burga, head of the Peruvian branch of FIFA and is a member of the development Committee of FIFA.

The current process is the result of a lengthy investigation that began in 2011. The indictment is 236 pages.Of corruption are charged with 42 top Manager FIFA. 24 of them have already signed an agreement with prosecutors to receive lesser sentences. 15 are outside the United States. They either already appeared before the court, or trying to resist the US demand for extradition.

It is expected that the process will continue for many weeks – the evidence of guilt presented at 350 000 pages; dozens of witnesses are expected to testify.

Russian officials in the list of top managers who were indicted, no. Recall that in 2012, the American investigator Michael Garcia announced the intention to investigate the application approval process of the two countries to hold a world Cup. It was about the possibility of violations by Russia and Qatar. In 2014, Garcia released the results of the investigation did not find violations on the part of Russia.