In five countries around the world have started an investigation against Credit...

In five countries around the world have started an investigation against Credit Suisse clients


Photo: Philipp Schmidli / Bloomberg

In the Netherlands investigative actions have led to arrests and seizure of suspects in tax evasion clients of the Swiss Bank paintings and gold bars

Swiss Bank Credit Suisse was at the center conducted in five countries (Netherlands, UK, Australia, Germany, France) of the world investigation into the facts of evasion by its clients from payment of taxes and laundering of illegally acquired assets, reports Bloomberg.

According to the Agency, in the Netherlands, investigators have arrested two suspects that they hid from the authorities in accounts at Swiss Bank a few million euros. In Dutch Service of tax information and investigations reported that when arrested, the suspects were seized gold bars and jewelry as well as paintings.

The representative of the Dutch service of investigation of financial crimes Marijke van der Molen explained to Bloombergthat her Agency has information about “dozens of suspects” in the Netherlands.

An official from the British Department for taxes and customs duties (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, HMRC) told the Financial Times that the defendants in the first phase of the investigation were not only clients of Bank, but also its high-ranking employees.

“The international scope of the investigation makes it clear that those who are evading taxes, you will not be able to find places to hide,” — said the representative of HMRC.

In turn, the representative specializing in investigations of major financial crimes unit of Australian police told Bloombergthat his service was able to identify about 350 of the country’s citizens, connected with the Swiss Bank managers who helped to develop schemes of tax evasion.

The Bank Credit Suisse, in its statement, confirmed that with its offices in London, Amsterdam and Paris contacted the local police, leading the investigation on tax matters.

“We are cooperating with authorities. Credit Suisse continues to adhere to the strategy of full compliance with tax laws in their relationships with clients”, — stated in the message Credit Suisse.

At the same time, the Swiss Prosecutor’s office expressed surprise at the fact that the Swiss militiamen appeared as if deliberately excluded from the international operation of this magnitude, and usual in such cases, the rules of international cooperation have not been met.

“The Federal Prosecutor is awaiting a written explanation from the Dutch authorities and considers options for further action,” explained the FT in the Swiss Prosecutor’s office.

In the spring of 2014, Credit Suisse pleaded guilty to helping American citizens to evade taxes, and agreed to pay $2.6 billion.

Published 31 March 2017 a statement, Credit Suisse said that the Bank had voluntarily implemented in the Netherlands and France, a program of disclosure of tax returns and refused to cooperate with ready to attend customers.